Jane Fonda On Canadian PM Trudeau: 'The Lesson Is We Shouldn't Be Fooled By Good-Looking Liberals'

If only Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (aka “handsome Bernie Sanders,” according to Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro) were ugly. Then Jane Fonda would have known not to trust Trudeau when it came to environmental issues.

Speaking on Wednesday on Edmonton, Fonda vented her fury because Trudeau has approved Kinder Morgan's plans to triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain line between Edmonton and Burnaby, B.C. and Enbridge's Line 3 between Edmonton and Superior, Wis. She moaned, "The lesson is we shouldn't be fooled by good-looking Liberals.”

Referring to Trudeau's appearance at the international climate talks in Paris in late 2015, Fonda added:

We all thought, well, cool guy. What a disappointment. He talked so beautifully of needing to meet the requirements of the climate treaty and to respect and hold to the treaties with indigenous people. Such a heroic stance he took there, and yet he has betrayed every one of the things he committed to in Paris.

Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley blasted Fonda:

If someone is coming to Alberta, fly over a city with significant, economic downturn, that's just been through the largest economic disaster in the history of Canada and then lecture them about where they should get jobs elsewhere, well first of all that's super tone deaf. I would suggest that dining out on your celebrity is something that one ought to also pair with knowledge and research and she failed to do that and I don't think as a result that much of her intervention requires or deserves the air time it's getting because its very clear she didn't know what she was talking about.

Notley added that provincial officials were supposed to meet with Fonda but the meeting didn’t occur. He pointed out, "The fact that we didn't get that opportunity and instead she used the amplification of her celebrity to promote ill-informed generalizations, it's not helpful."

In late December, Trudeau spoke of the initial conversation he had with president-elect Donald Trump after Trump’s election, asserting, "He actually brought up Keystone XL and indicated that he was very supportive of it. I will work with the new administration when it gets sworn in ... I'm confident that the right decisions will be taken."

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs responded, "When Prime Minister Trudeau says he looks forward to working with Trump on yet another tar sands expansion pipeline, Keystone XL, that tells you everything you need to know about Trudeau's commitment to respecting indigenous rights.” Fonda echoed, "There's going to be more poor people if the likes of your prime minister and our president-elect have their way — a lot of poor, sick people.”


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