LGBT Caucus Targets Ben Carson. Guess Why.

The LGBT Caucus, ever-vigilant and on the prowl for anyone on the right who might not fit their agenda, is targeting Dr. Ben Carson, president-elect Donald Trump’s nominee foe Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, by claiming he is prejudiced against gay and transgendered individuals, and many transgendered individuals are homeless.

The LGBT Caucus was echoed by representative Judy Chu from California’s 27th district:

The ridiculous attack on Carson was blunted by Huffington Post contributor Chad Felix Greene, who is gay:

Carson has been outspoken on his opposition to gay marriage, having said last October:

Why must they change [the definition of marriage]? I believe the reason is, if you can change the word of God in one area, then you can change it in every area. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent, and it will just be an avalanche of one thing after the other . . . We won’t have anything that we can use as our reference point because we will have thrown out God’s word. It’ll be every man for himself, every man deciding for himself what is right and what is wrong, and that can’t possibly lead to a good place.

Carson also stated that "the transgender stuff" was "absurd,” adding that it was "the same silliness as safe spaces.”

But would that perspective inform his decisions as Secretary of HUD? Highly unlikely. Carson has also stated, “I support human rights and Constitutional protections for gay people, and I have done so for many years.”

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