We currently live in a country where we don't agree on much of anything, a country where you say "potato" and I say, "Screw you, it's a Buick!" But I think we can all agree on one thing, that the industry we call "Journalism" is in a bit of a meltdown -- and a self-inflicted one. Rather than commit acts of actual journalism, those whose job it is to report got together one day, had too many mojitos (or some other girly drink), and decided that it was easier and more fun to push an agenda and make predictions. Then Donald Trump strolled into town, kicked sand in their face and stole their women.

Wait it gets better…

The Utterly Humiliated have no idea what to do. Just look around. What are they doing? The exact same stuff they were doing before! They have no idea how to fix it! One of the primo idiots of the 2016 Campaign Season did come up with an idea -- whachoocall a doozy. You remember the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza? Or as we call him around here, "Chris -- Can We All Stop Talking About Hillary's Health -- Cillizza." Chris doesn't think the problem is personnel, he thinks the problem is proximity.

Fer realzies.

Sometime over the holidays, Mr. Can We All Stop Talking About Hillary's Health Cillizza took the time to survey the wreckage of his profession (a picture that is only accurate if it includes Trump skipping around in an elf costume and singing "Walking On Sunshine" as he literally pours salt on the earth) and solved all of Journalism's problems in just two words…

Zip and Codes!

So how do we solve that problem? We're not going to fire everyone who covered the 2016 election. … Which brings me to my not-all-that radical idea for news organizations to better understand Trump's America: News organizations should commit to opening at least five bureaus in midsize and smallish cities somewhere in the middle of America in 2017.

Here's a radical idea: how about hiring someone from Omaha who actually likes Omaha, who doesn't look back on Omaha as a place filled with Christiantards? Instead of moving people to Omaha who are nothing more than carbon copies of ChrisCanWeAllStopTalkingAboutHillarysHealthCillizza, why not hire people who think differently, who believe differently, who vote differently; someone who owns at least four seasons of "Duck Dynasty" on DVD and declines your invitation to Sunday Brunch because he thinks brunch is stupid and would prefer to be in church?

Besides, we don't want you people infecting Omaha. You don't like us, we don't like you, so stay where you belong.

The problem with the media isn't where they live, the problem is that the media is a Borg, a Collective, a Hive of the like-minded. We've seen the polls; they're all leftwingers. We've seen the political contributions; they’re all Democrats. We've seen their work; they're all in love with The State and anyone who shares that love. We've seen their coverage; there is no lie they won't tell to further that cause.

Listen, Chris, I don't mean to rain on your Jerry Maguire-moment, but most scientists do agree that a smug, dishonest, incompetent asshole who moves to Omaha is still a smug, dishonest, incompetent asshole.

Which brings me to Megyn Kelly, who I happen to be a fan of.

If Megyn Kelly wants to make a mark at NBC News, she need only be herself.

What she can't do is allow herself to be swallowed up by the leftwing culture at NBC News. If you’re looking for a cautionary tale, look no further than Kelly's former colleague Alisyn Camerota, who was awesome at Fox News. Then she moves to CNN and completely sells out, but only after having her brain removed. Today Camerota is just another one of CNN's dishonest social justice warriors. Watching her work makes me cringe. Who is this freak!?

If Kelly takes with her what she does at Fox News -- forget all the Trump drama -- if she merely takes with her that willingness to cover stories like this and this and this and this, stories that will make her NBC colleagues uncomfortable, then a little bit of Omaha will come to NBC News, then she won't be swallowed whole and disappear into the Black Savannahole.

Journalism doesn't need "conservatives," it needs people who understand and respect Those Who Dare Not Think like Chris - CWASTAHH - Cillizza, it needs to hire people willing to say these five things…

"Obama wants grown men in dresses peeing next to my daughter, are you freakin' kidding me!"

"We're letting who out of Gitmo!"

"If a Christian baker can be forced to service a gay wedding, can a Muslim baker be forced to service a pork eating contest?"

"Actually, illegal aliens do commit a lot of crimes and what the hell are they doing in the country in the first place?"

"Ten years ago you predicted Manhattan would be underwater in ten years. Why should we believe you now, MISTER SCIENTIST, hmmmmm?"

Kelly can still pound Trump and the GOP and the like, but that's my point, she does that now.

Just don't leave the rest behind.

Don’t go Borg.

Stay Megyn.

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