GOP Representative: Obama’s a Batman Villain

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, a former judge, didn’t take Barack Obama to the woodshed for his foreign policy actions that imperil the United States and Donal;d Trump’s presidency, but the movies instead, stating Obama resembled Batman’s arch-nemesis, Ra's al Ghul.

Gohmert remarked on Fox and Friends, “This president, he's been told by ISIS, we're going to get terrorists in with the refugees, and he says, ‘Great, send 'em, let's bring 'em on, we're going to have them all here for Trump.’”

Gohmert then slammed Obama's sanctions on Russia, which he implemented as punishment for Russia's hacking:

If you're really going to punish somebody, what he did really is not a punishment . . . We saw these kinds of actions when we were each in middle school, somebody got their feelings hurt, what did they do? They tried to slap back. But if you look at what this president done, 2012 . . . the president said, "Tell Vladimir I'll have a lot more flexibility," when he was willing to sell out the country and Vladimir didn't take him up on his offer, then it was a slap back just like in middle school.

In 2012, Obama met with outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, telling him he needed time to deal with missile defense, adding, “This is my last election ... After my election I have more flexibility.”

Speaking of Obama’s actions regarding immigrants, Gohmert added, “I immediately thought of Batman Begins. Isn't that the one with Liam Neeson? What do you do if you want to destroy the big city? Well first they let the criminals go. What's the president doing? He's letting as many criminals as he can go. And then you bring in outsiders to help destroy what's left.”

When asked who Donald Trump would be in Batman Begins, Gohmert replied, “Trump is the guy who comes sweeping in with the medicine that saves the city.”


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