A new Islamic State propaganda video released Thursday features children dressed in camouflage and armed with rifles hunting down and killing "apostates."

PJ Media, which first reported the half-hour long video, provides some screenshots and highlights of the "grisly" production, which was issued from the terrorist group's headquarters in Raqqa, Syria. The footage shows the jihadists-in-training, boys appearing to be around the ages of 9 to 12-years-old, in a military-style regimen of training, classes, and live-fire drills.

The video shows the boys in the classroom learning about the Muslim holy book, the Quran, watching ISIS propaganda films, eating cafeteria-style lunches together, and sleeping in dormitories. But the most disturbing section comes during the live-fire drills, which culminates in the boys hunting down and murdering live hostages.

PJ Media describes the sequence, which begins with the boys pledging allegiance to ISIS:

Kids are then sent on an exercise through an abandoned building with some dummy targets in the rooms and a handful of live targets: prisoners with their hands zip-tied behind their backs, trying to elude the child jihadists in the multi-story, debris-strewn building.

One is labeled as a PKK member. A couple of the men weep after they are cornered, but the kids appear unmoved as the ISIS camera crew films the merciless encounters. The boys wound the prisoners at first in a gruesome game of cat-and-mouse, then finish off the prisoners at point-blank range.

One prisoner cornered on the rooftop throws himself off the edge before being shot to death by a child. The child goes downstairs to the man's body and shoots him several times in the head, anyway.

This is not the first time an ISIS video has featured child jihadists; a video reported in August likewise showed children executing hostages. Nor is ISIS the only radical Islamic group to indoctrinate children and use them for their jihadist campaigns. Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas likewise trains children to murder, its official TV network even showing cartoons that teach children to murder "all" Jews.

Screenshots of the ISIS jihadist video below: