Rep. Gohmert Pushes Bill To Defund UN In Wake Of Anti-Israel Attacks

One Texas Congressman is listening to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s clarion call to defund the United Nations following last Friday’s kangaroo court in which the world once again rallied against the Jews.

In response to the Obama administration’s decision to abstain from a vote blaming the Jewish State and its so-called “settlements” for failures in the peace process, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) said he’s drafting a bill that would stop all US funding to the United Nations. The US should only consider refunding the corrupted international body when member states decide to nullify Friday’s anti-Israel resolution, Gohmert told Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle.

When asked whether the UN would realistically ever reconsider the resolution, Gohmert answered forcefully: "Fine. They don't need our help to be anti-Semitic.”

Slamming the Obama administration as a complicit partner in the campaign to demonize Israel, the Texas Congressman argued that the White House “bullies over victims" and fails to condemn legitimate evil actors, like the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Israel is "the only place Muslims have complete freedom in the Middle East,” the conservative lawmaker asserted.

Gohmert joins a growing chorus of voices in Congress calling for an American withdrawal from the United Nations.

This anti-UN sentiment is shared by President-elect Donald Trump, who has strongly signaled that he will pull back resources and participation from the UN on the day of his inauguration.


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