WATCH: Taylor Swift Surprises 96-Year-Old WWII Vet For Christmas

On Monday night, musician Taylor Swift surprised 96-year-old World War II veteran Cyrus Porter with a private show in his Missouri home, belting out some of her biggest hits as he and his family danced and sang along.

Porter says he became a fan of Swift's music because of his grandchildren, initially listening to the pop star as a way to connect with them, of whom there are over two dozen. The vet says he quickly became of fan himself, especially of her musical performances.

"I just liked the way the way she did stuff," Porter told a local Missouri news station. The 96-year-old has already attended two of Swift's concerts and hopes to attend at least one more.

"I just enjoyed going to see 'em and her," he added. "I would as soon go see her right now as anybody!"

The chart topping singer/songwriter performed hits like "Shake it Off" for Porter and over 60 of his relatives during the private show which lasted over one hour, reports Fox News.

Porter's excited grandchildren posted their fair share of photos and videos to social media. One satisfied relative called Swift's belated surprise a "Christmas miracle."

Left-wing media blasted Swift during the 2016 presidential race for not making her politics public; or more precisely, not joining in on Hollywood Groupthink and voicing hatred for now-President-elect Donald Trump. "Taylor Swift Needs to Say Something About Donald Trump," read a Fusion headline from October. "Taylor Swift Won't Save Us From Donald Trump," a disappointed New York Magazine post was titled. Social media also became flooded with social justice warriors and enraged feminists imploring the "Shake it Off" singer to denounce Trump and fulfill some apparent obligation she had.

But Swift's undeniably wise choice to refrain from slandering half the country as many celebs have done before her has served her well. The pop star has not only achieved a successful Country to Pop crossover, she's remained a marketable brand for all Americans (minus the insane pink-haired feminists who find fault in everyone and everything). And her touching Christmas gift to a World War II vet is sure to win over even more Americans who are currently sick and tired of the likes of Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer. Swift is a breath of fresh air.

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