Here's How the Left Manipulates Research to Prove Your Wife is a Lesbian

A new study on female sexual arousal patterns is being manipulated to make the all-feminist political argument that your wife, along with 95% of women, would identify as lesbian or bisexual if not for societal pressures.

The study involves “sexual arousal experiments” in which volunteers are analyzed for patterns in genital arousal versus self-reports of masculine and feminine behaviors. Also examined were patterns of measuring sexual arousal in pupil dilation, again keeping track of masculine and feminine behaviors observed versus self-reported. The study finds that when visual arousal is measured, “women are, on average, physiologically sexually aroused to both male and female sexual stimuli.”

Although both studies confirmed that lesbians were more male-typical in their sexual arousal and nonsexual characteristics, on average, there were no indications that these 2 patterns were in any way connected. Thus, women's sexual responses and nonsexual traits might be masculinized by independent factors.

The study “proves two propositions,” Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire, said. “[First,] Sexual orientation is not entirely biological -- after all, 95% of women identify as heterosexual but according to this study, none are visually aroused by men more than women; [and second,] Sexual orientation is not a pure physiological response -- in other words, women are not visually aroused in the same way men are at all. Women are sexually aroused by emotional intimacy, which they prefer with men -- which gives the lie to the feminist notion that women and men react to sexual activity the same way.”

Shapiro also noted that Gerulf Rieger, the lead author on the study, conducted a similar study in 2012 measuring differences in pupil dilation patterns of men and women in response to sexual stimuli.

In an email to The Daily Wire, Rieger established that the difference between men and women is "not a matter of measurement"; other factors including pupil dilation, brain imaging, reaction time, and viewing time, can be used in evaluating sex differences.

“By now we know that the difference between men and women is not a matter of measurement,” Rieger told The Daily Wire. “Pupil dilation, brain imaging, reaction time, viewing time, all give similar sex differences as the genital arousal measures.”

Oddly, when asked whether he thinks sexual orientation is biological or environmental, Rieger said that based on the “greater disconnect between sexual orientation and physiological sexual responses in women than men[, i]t is very unlikely that this is due to the environment. Society would expect most women to be straight and to have responses almost exclusively to males. This is not the case, despite these social pressures.”

Challenged by The Daily Wire on his statement suggesting the majority of women self-identify as straight because of "societal pressures," Rieger clarified that physiological responses are not conforming to the social environment, whereas self-identity is.

“It is possible that women would have more varied sexual self-identities in a less hetero-normative environment, but this is pure speculation,” Rieger added.

Despite speculations being simply speculations and all too eager to embrace the feminist claim that men and women are equal in how they react physiologically to sexual stimuli, the media jumped on the idea that perhaps all women are really bisexual or lesbian. Telegraph, followed by other large publications such as Yahoo News, Daily Mail, and the Huffington Post reported that based on findings in Rieger’s study, straight women are virtually nonexistent.

"Women are either bisexual or gay but 'never straight,'" headlines read.

Asked whether he agreed that straight women are only the product of societal pressures, social psychologist Roy Baumeister told The Daily Wire, “some straight women may fit that description, others not.”

Michael Bailey, a professor of psychology and coauthor on the study, wrote in his own explanatory article that men and women do not share the same mechanisms for sexual orientation, and that he does not “favor” the position that self-identifying straight women are biologically lesbian or bisexual.

I have argued that a man’s sexual orientation is precisely his sexual arousal pattern. If we insist that women have sexual orientations and that sexual orientation must have the same mechanism for both sexes, this leads us to the odd conclusion that most women with heterosexual identities and preferences have a bisexual orientation… It would also follow that for heterosexual women, sexual identity and preference have little to do with sexual orientation. This is a logically defensible position, but it is not one that I favor.

Bailey, cited in the past for saying that homosexuality is substantially inherited, told The Daily Wire that in an earlier study he co-authored with Rieger, he had used a female instrument on male-to-female transsexuals, and they nonetheless showed male patterns of brain activation (rather than female patterns.)

“When we look at brain activation in men and women viewing erotic stimuli, we get the same pattern as with genital arousal,” Bailey said.

In an article titled “Um, Yes, Straight Women Are Real,” Samantha Allen of The Daily Beast slammed media headlines that deny the existence of straight women, calling them a display of subtle “sexism” which “condescendingly implies that they aren’t capable of determining themselves how they feel and identify.”

"If you really want to know what orientation an adult woman is, you could also ask her, instead of believing that her vaginal blood flow speaks some secret truth," Allen wrote. "Sociological research suggests that straight women are more than capable of sorting out their orientation on their own, thank you very much."


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