Happy Chanukah, From Obama: Obama-Backed UN Resolution Says Temple Mount Isn't Jewish [UPDATE: Resolution Passes, US Abstains]


This diplomatic, moral and legal atrocity passed by a 14-0-1 vote, with the United States abstaining.


Just in time for Chanukah, President Barack Obama has unleashed all the anti-Jewish fury of his administration on the state of Israel. According to a senior Israeli official, both Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have been pushing a United Nations resolution behind the scenes that would essentially declare East Jerusalem, which includes the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount, non-Jewish territory off limits to Israel, as well as labeling any Jew living outside the pre-1967 armistice lines illegitimate.

The draft resolution is an utter rejection of Judaism’s claims to Jerusalem – a historical absurdity, since the only reason anyone cares about the spot is because of Judaism’s claims to it, which predated any Muslim claims by well over a millennium. It rejects Israel’s ability to defend itself by maintaining territory outside the “Auschwitz borders” of pre-1967 Israel. It ignores international law – the resolution says that Israel is occupying “Palestinian territory,” which makes no historical sense given the fact that there was never any sovereign Palestine, that the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded prior to 1967 and called for the full destruction of the state of Israel (as indeed, the Palestinian governing organizations continue to do), and that Israel’s enemies never agreed to any international agreement granting them sovereignty over the territory. Essentially, the UN calls for all areas outside the pre-1967 lines, which would include East Jerusalem, to become Judenrein.

This isn’t a major shock from the Obama administration, which has a long, inglorious history of Jew-hating activity when it comes to Israel. This is the same administration that signed an Iran deal that puts Israel’s very existence in jeopardy, that forced Israel to apologize for attempting to blockade arms shipments to the terrorist group Hamas, that tried to stymie Israel’s ability to defend herself during a rocket war with Hamas, that pressures Israel consistently to make concessions to would-be Jew-murderers, that goes silent when American Jews are killed in Israel, that funds a terrorist unity government.

Here’s a quick refresher of the history of the Obama administration through last year on Israel:

February 2008: Obama rips the Likud Party, even though the Kadima Party is in power attempting to negotiate peace with the Palestinians.

June 2008: Obama reverses himself on whether Jerusalem should remain undivided.

March 2009: The Obama administration rejoins the anti-Semitic UN Human Rights Council, fully acknowledging its anti-Semitism.

May 2009: Obama tells Netanyahu that “settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward.” Netanyahu complies. Obama slams Israel anyway.

June 2009: Obama says Israel was only founded because of the Holocaust, then compares Palestinian treatment at Jewish hands to Jewish suffering at the hands of the Nazis: “They endure the daily humiliations – large and small – that come with occupation. So let there be no doubt: the situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.”

July 2009: Obama threatens to put “daylight” between the United States and Israel.

September 2009: Obama says “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”

March 2010: Vice President Joe Biden visits Israel and rips Netanyahu for allowing Jews to build bathrooms in their homes in Jerusalem. Hillary screams at Netanyahu for an hour on the phone. When Netanyahu visits the White House, Obama makes him leave through the side door.

June 2010: A “US defense source” leaks and kills Israel’s plans to work with Saudi Arabia to strike the Iranian nuclear facilities.

May 2011: The State Department labels Jerusalem not a part of Israel. Obama says all negotiations must begin with the pre-1967 borders.

November 2011: French President Nicholas Sarkozy tells Obama on an open mic, “I can’t stand him, he’s a liar,” and Obama replying, “You’re tired of him? What about me? I have to deal with him every day.”

December 2011: Hillary compares Israel to Iran.

February 2012: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta kills a potential Israeli strike on Iran by talking about it openly with the Washington Post.

March 2012: The Obama administration repeatedly leaks Israeli plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, including a nascent deal with Azerbaijan to use an airbase.

June 2012: The Obama administration leaks Israel’s involvement in the Stuxnet virus, which was designed to cripple Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

December 2012: Hillary says that Israelis have a “lack of empathy” for Palestinians, calling the Palestinians an “oppressed people.”

March 2013: Obama forces Netanyahu to call Islamist Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to apologize for stopping a terrorist flotilla from entering the Gaza Strip.

June 2013: The Obama administration leaks specific information regarding Israeli Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile sites. That information had been classified.

June 2014: Three Jewish teenagers are kidnapped, including an American, and murdered by Hamas. The Obama administration immediately calls on Israel for restraint, and says it will continue to work with a Palestinian unity government including Hamas.

August 2014: In the middle of a shooting war, Obama personally stepped in and blocked the shipments of weapons to Israel.

October 2014: Jeffrey Goldberg, lackey for Obama on Israel, releases an article in The Atlantic quoting Obama officials calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit.” Goldberg, naturally, blames Netanyahu.

January 2015: Obama deploys his campaign team to defeat Netanyahu in Israel.

Finally, of course, the Obama administration rammed through an Iran deal that will endanger millions of Jewish lives both in Israel and around the world, elevating terrorist, genocidal mullahs to regional power.

This UN resolution will lead to Jewish deaths, because Israel’s enemies will take this resolution as permission from the west to kill Jews without reproach. Israel’s enemies in Europe will also use this resolution as leverage to attempt to harm Israel economically through boycotts and divestment and sanctions.

All of which pleases Obama to no end, undoubtedly.

But Israel will survive this, as they have survived far worse challenges. And they won’t be thrown from the Temple by a foreign power the day before Chanukah, a holiday that celebrates the re-establishment of a Jewish-controlled Jerusalem. The Maccabees are alive and well, and they’re ruling themselves, no matter what the would-be United Nations Antiochuses have to say about it.


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