On Monday, real-estate mogul turned Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and discussed the Paris terror attacks. Trump was asked what would be the first three actions he would implement against ISIS if he were currently president.

After declaring that we would not even have these "problems" to begin with if this country currently had a President Trump in office (in typical Trump fashion), referring to the president’s laissez-faire-like foreign policy, he unleashed on President Obama and current Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley, for their refusal to label "radical Islamic terrorism" for exactly what it is: radical Islamic terrorism. He added that neglecting to “identify the problem” makes it impossible to solve. “I mean, you’d almost think they have the terrorists coming out from Sweden,” quipped Trump.

After MSNBC co-host, Mink Brzezinski, posed the aforementioned question, Trump responded:

Well, if I were president, we probably wouldn’t be in the problems that we have right now, because it’s incredible, we have an attack, and then all of a sudden we bomb all these sites. Why didn’t we bomb the sites before? We should have bombed the sites a long time ago, Mika, these are training camps and training areas largely, and we didn’t take them out. Why is it that we take them out now, after there's this vicious and violent attack? The other thing, I’d be explaining the problem to people, we have a president that doesn’t even use the term, and won’t use the term "radical Islamic terrorism." He doesn’t want to use the term. Hillary Clinton didn’t want to use the term the other day in the debate—which was a ridiculous and terrible debate, frankly. A joke. But, she didn’t want to use the term, she refused to use — all three of them refused to use the term "radical Islamic terrorism." They just can’t say it. They absolutely can’t say it.

"I mean, you’d almost think they have the terrorists coming out from Sweden.”

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's refusal to say "radical Islamic terrorism."

MSNBS co-host, Joe Scarborough interrupted, “Why is it important, Donald? Why is it important?”

“Because if you can’t define the problem, you’re never going to solve the problem, Joe. They refuse to say what the problem is. I mean, you’d almost think they have the terrorists coming out from Sweden,” Trump forcefully replied.