Mizzou Administration Refuses To Identify Swastika Pooper

Of all the racially charged incidents leading up to the ongoing protests at the University of Missouri, perhaps the strangest incitement leading Mizzou protesters to go on a hunger strike was a “poop swastika,” found in a residential unisex bathroom at the university campus.

The alleged hate crime was part of a series of allegedly anti-black incidents, many of which turned out to be false or made by non-students. These included a threat against black students on Yik Yak (whose suspect, Hunter Park, was later arrested by the university police and identified as not a Mizzou student), as well as a Facebook post in which Mizzou student president Payton Head ranted about being called the “n-word” from a moving vehicle as he was “buying cookies.” The suspect in that incident was not a confirmed Mizzou student, either.

Lies and exaggerations from Mizzou protesters escalated after Head warned on Facebook that students should take precaution as “the KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus,” adding that he was “working with the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard.” The university police quickly dismissed Head’s claims that the National Guard or the KKK were on campus, to which Head apologized on Facebook for spreading rumors.

So after Mizzou protesters expressed outrage over human feces in the shape of a swastika as representative of racism against black students, many publications, including The Daily Wire and Fox News questioned whether they were truly valid. After all, no evidence supported that the “poop swastika” was even real.

After making several public records requests, The Federalist received a police report on the incident proving an officer did see the “poop swastika,” followed by photos of the “poop swastika” Thursday and evidence that the university’s Title IX office had immediately been notified of the incident, as were representatives of minority groups, including the Mizzou Hillel, a Jewish organization on campus.

According to dorm hall coordinator Susan Cohn, the “poop” incident was one of several racially charged incidents that happened on the same dormitory floor the previous week, when a white dorm resident was called a “bitch ass nigga.”

“We did have another incident that was just reported last week where an intoxicated individual said ‘bitch ass nigga’ to a white resident, when having a heated interaction with multiple black residents in the third floor lounge, which is the same floor this bathroom incident happened on,” Cohn wrote in an email to university officials. “The individual that reported said he was offended by this but felt like it was not directed towards him or the other black residents in the lounge.”

Salama Gallimore, the lead Title IX investigator on the case, suggested in an email that the same student responsible for calling the white student a “bitch ass nigga” may have been responsible for drawing the “poop swastika” in the bathroom. She added that the accused student has also been heard making “anti-semitic remarks to the members of a Jewish fraternity.”

Sean Davis, the author of the article revealing the emails, noted, “neither the race nor the ethnic background of the suspect in that incident are mentioned in the e-mails released by Mizzou. Additionally, no potential suspects for the poop swastika incident were specifically mentioned by name in any of the documents released this week by the university.”

Salama Gallimore, the lead Title IX investigator on the case, suggested in an email that the same student responsible for calling the white student a “bitch ass nigga” may have been responsible for drawing the “poop swastika” in the bathroom.

When The Daily Wire called university officials asking for identification of the suspect and/or the suspect’s race, university officials, including Gallimore and Amanda Lemmer, declined to reveal information, passing the call along to other university administrators.

Christian Basi, the assistant director at the university’s News Bureau, told The Daily Wire that he cannot reveal information as to whom or the race of the suspect involved in the “poop swastika” might be, as the case is still under investigation.

“The investigation is still open,” he said. “They’re still looking for details.”

Davis told The Daily Wire that he had not seen any information on the identity of the suspect responsible for the racial slurs discussed by the Title IX administrators.

“I assume that the information redacted in the poop swastika police report, which I'm told was redacted due to ongoing investigations, might shed some light on that,” he said.

University of Missouri Police Majors Scott Richardson and Brian Weimer did not return The Daily Wire’s call for comment in time for editing.

In an update on the reported “poop” incident, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos speculated whether the perpetrator was actually a “white supremacist” as labeled by Mizzou protesters, betting on the suspect being black based on surrounding evidence.

“As I wrote, swastikas on campus have a habit of turning out to be hoaxes – and black outrage on campus fuelled by progressive media almost always credulously reports on the claims of fabulists and liars like Tawana Brawley – so I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether they ever track down the culprit. White supremacists tend not to “debase” (as they would put it) symbols they admire, such as swastikas, by daubing them in fecal matter. Will the police do a DNA test on the poop? If so, my money’s on a black perp.”


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