IDIOTS: Leftists Boycotting FedEx For Offering NRA Discount

On Wednesday, LGBT-focused organizations will target FedEx stores because FedEx offers a discount to members of the National Rifle Association. According to Heat Street, NRA’s 5 million members are offered discounts up to 26%.

Spokesmen for various gun-control groups slammed FedEx:

Igor Volsky, director of Guns Down: “This isn’t like a senior discount. This is a discount that empowers and subsidizes an organization that is actively working to make life more dangerous by gutting background checks and allowing guns in schools.”

Nicole Varma, a community organizer affiliated with Guns Down: “I can’t speak for the whole community, but Orlando was hit very hard by the Pulse tragedy, and anything that contributes to more violence like that is problematic, and we want it to stop. We don’t want any other community to be affected by gun violence.”

The Guns Down website states:

The National Rifle Association is the most powerful corporate lobbying group in America. They accept millions of dollars from gun manufacturers every year to advance an extremist pro-gun agenda, including eliminating gun-free zones at schools and houses of worship, gutting criminal background checks for gun sales, and allowing open carrying of guns in all public places. While the NRA’s Washington lobbyists scheme to weaken gun laws and increase gun sales with scare tactics, they ignore the will of their own members, who overwhelmingly support stricter gun laws.

LGBT or leftist groups targeting FedEx include Color of Change and Gays Against Guns, according to Bloomberg.

Jason Lindsay, Pride Fund’s executive director, bragged that LGBT organizations will target “the robust financial power of the gun lobby. One way we can do that is by pressuring businesses that help fuel the NRA’s blood money. Companies should stand for their values, and if FedEx supports the lives of our children and the safety of our communities, they shouldn’t help subsidize the NRA killing industry.”


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