WATCH: Documentarian Attacked By Muslims In Sweden

Documentarian Ami Horowitz was attacked by Muslims - presumably immigrants and/or refugees - in Sweden while producing his most recent short film investigating the status quo of rapid demographic change in the Nordic country.

Published to Facebook on Tuesday, Horowitz claims that “rape has skyrocketed over the past year” in Sweden while connecting it to “a revolutionary demographic shift that has seen the country take in” many Muslims as refugees.

While reporting in Rinkeby, a reportedly Islamic neighborhood in Stockholm, Horowitz captured audio while he was assaulted by the Muslim refugees and/or immigrants. His camera crew has already left after being intimidated into doing so by five men who spoke Arabic.

Two veteran police officers in Sweden told Horowitz that fears over being derided as “racist” prevent open dialogue about demographic data related to crime and cultural schisms resulting from modern mass immigration of Muslims. In other words, "political correctness" suffocates open discussion over such matters.

Swedish journalist Annika Rothstein told Horowitz that Sweden's multiculturalism policies contribute to social fragmentation by promoting Swedish cultural and political adjustments to accommodate Muslim immigrants and refugees rather than the promotion of minority assimilation.

Leftist and hipster Swedes interviewed by Horowitz towards the end of the report refuse to make any link between mass immigration of Muslims and increases in violent crime and sexual assault.

Watch the video below.

A 60 Minutes Australian news crew was attacked by Muslims in the same community in March:

In 2010, an Islamic terrorist who had moved to Sweden and been afforded Swedish citizenship carried out a suicide attack, killing himself and injuring two others.

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