7 Things To Know About High-Energy Secretary of Energy Pick Rick Perry

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has been tapped as President-elect Donald Trump's Energy Secretary. What will Perry be like as Secretary of Energy?

Here are seven things to know about Perry.

1. Perry could be running a department that he once proposed to repeal and forgot to name. Perry has become infamous for a massive gaffe during one of Republican presidential primary debates in November 2011 where he couldn't name the Department of Energy.

"I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone: Commerce, Education, and — what's the third one there?" Perry said, trying to remember. "Let's see."

Perry eventually admitted that he couldn't remember the last agency, which was the Department of Energy.

"Oops," Perry said as his presidential aspirations came crashing down at that moment.

2. Perry's positions on energy are in line with conservative principles. These positions include, according to On The Issues:

  • Supporting the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Being skeptical of man-made climate change and opposing government policies like a carbon tax.
  • Unleashing areas to domestic energy exploration through lifting regulations.
  • Fighting the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations through legal means.

There are a couple of his positions on energy that aren't overly conservative, such as supporting tax incentives for electric vehicles and renewable energy, but overall his energy positions are conservative, and they have contributed mightily to Texas's energy boom.

3. Perry's record as governor of Texas was excellent overall. The Wall Street Journal editorial board is far from conservative, but they did highlight some of Perry's most notable accomplishments as governor of Texas, including:

  • Setting a limit on medical malpractice reform.
  • Workers compensation reform.
  • Tort reform.
  • Helping unleash the free market to establish Texas as one of the best states in the country in terms of job creation and business climate.

4. Perry was on the Dancing With The Stars TV show earlier in 2016. Perry and his partner, Emma Slater, were the second dance partners to be eliminated from the show. Perry was thankful for the "amazing experience."

"I was able to talk about those veterans issues that really brought me to the show to begin with," Perry told E! News. "We're here tonight enjoying America’s pastime because somewhere along the way there was some young American who served and kept us free."

Here are a few clips of Perry's dance moves:

5. Perry was once targeted with a phony indictment. Perry was indicted by a grand jury in 2014 for wielding his veto power to push out Rosemary Lehmberg–who had been arrested for drunk driving–out from her position as Travis County district attorney. Perry had said he would use his veto to cut funding from the Public Integrity Unit, which was led by Lehmberg. The indictment was eventually dropped, because it was within Perry's power to use his veto in that manner.

6. Perry was a Democrat at one point. In fact, Perry was the chairman of Al Gore's 1988 presidential campaign in Texas. He switched parties a year later.

7. Perry used to be very critical of Trump. During the primary, Perry called Trump "a cancer on conservatism" as well as "a barking carnival act" that featured "a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the Republican Party to perdition if pursued."

Perry did a massive about-face once Trump won the Republican nomination, as he ardently supported Trump's candidacy at that point. That must have been enough for Trump to select him as his Energy Secretary.

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