28 YU Professors Slam Shapiro For Fighting Political Correctness On Transgenderism [UPDATE: YU President Condemns, Too]

UPDATE: Yeshiva University President Richard Joel has now condemned Shapiro as well for refusing to abide by politically correct falsities about gender:

I would like to echo the concerns shared by members of the faculty in today’s letter regarding the December 5 student-sponsored talk. A university should and must offer diverse viewpoints and opinions, but let there be no mistake – this university is committed to civility and the sanctity of all people. This applies to our admissions and employment process, as well as our daily interactions in and outside of the classroom.

Sadly, the current political climate is beset with divisiveness and personal attacks rather than respectful dialogue. YU is committed to fostering an environment where ideas can be exchanged in a meaningful, productive and civil way. We can always agree to disagree but without exception, it must be done with respect.

Yeshiva University is purportedly the premiere modern Orthodox Jewish college in the United States.


After Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro spoke at Yeshiva University on December 5, 28 professors from the university decided to condemn a speech they either did not attend or hardly paid attention to, as they accused Shapiro of “discrimination” and “disrespect” for people who are transgendered or mentally ill.

The professors wrote a letter to the editor of the university newspaper, stating:

We the undersigned are extremely disturbed that on the night of Monday December 5, during a talk hosted by a Yeshiva University student group, Ben Shapiro mocked transgender people– and drew applause and laughter from a packed audience in Lamport Auditorium.

Shapiro is not an expert on transgender experience or mental health, and his opinion does not reflect the current understanding of these very serious issues, in which people’s lives are literally at stake. Public humiliation of others has no place at any university, much less one whose motto includes the word Torah. We are surprised that we need to remind this university community that Jewish tradition condemns the derision of another human being. Moreover, while we encourage our students to seek out diverse opinions, we also hope they would stand up against discrimination and disrespect.

As university faculty, we are committed to protecting the dignity and the safety of all—and to speaking out when the vulnerable among us are threatened. We call on the University administration to join us in our condemnation of this behavior.

As Emily Jashinsky of YAF, which sponsored the event, wrote:

Shapiro’s remarks on transgenderism did not even remotely approach the territory of discrimination or disrespect. In fact, Shapiro spoke with great compassion for those who suffer from gender dysphoria."

Here’s what he said:

"Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness that is deeply harmful, and it is not a solution to pretend that transgender people are the sex that they think they are in their head. Biology is biology. Men can’t magically become women, and women can’t magically become men. And when you lie to people by humoring their delusions, you’re exacerbating mental illness. It’s not a good thing; it’s a bad thing. It’s a deeply unsympathetic thing to do."

His willingness to speak honestly, despite the threat of blowback from politically correct academics, is actually a demonstration of enormous respect for anybody suffering with mental illness. As Shapiro often does during YAF-sponsored lectures, he recalled the story of his grandfather who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, arguing it would have been a “cruelty” to humor any of his delusions rather than addressing them by administering medical treatment.

"When you lie to people by humoring their delusions, you’re exacerbating mental illness. It’s not a good thing; it’s a bad thing. It’s a deeply unsympathetic thing to do."

Ben Shapiro

For those who watch Shapiro’s speeches, the only transgender individual about whom he jokes is Zoey Tur, who grabbed Shapiro by the back of the neck on national television. Shapiro also criticizes cultural commentators and media members who humor the false biological belief that women can become men and vice versa, and who attempt to glorify gender dysphoria as heroism rather than as a condition that deserves sympathy and proper treatment free of politics.

Interestingly, since the professors condemn Shapiro for not being "an expert on transgender experience or mental health," only three of the professors are in the psychology department, two from sociology, and two from biology. That means the remaining 21, or 75%, come from the fields of English, Jewish studies, political science, education or physics.


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