In a fitting metaphor for the state in which Fidel Castro left Cuba, the vehicle carrying the former dictator's ashes allegedly broke down Saturday, and had to be pushed.

Fidel Castro's Cuba was, and continues to be, one of economic and social stagnation. Cubans live in squalor, while Castro died with approximately $900 million. Cubans suffer under a two-tiered healthcare system, in which the tourists and well-connected get the finest treatment, and the Cuban people get the scraps. Cuban dissidents are regularly arrested, and tortured for standing against the government.

Cuba has no free press to speak the truth about what Castro did to his people. President Obama had an opportunity to demand real change when he opened up relations with the island nation. Instead, he opted for a legacy-building photo op.

It's only fitting that Castro's funeral car broke down, as the former dictator led his country and his people to ruin.