Leftist Commentator Peter Beinart: My Holiday Card Will Say 'F*** You America'

Contributing editor to left-wing publication The Atlantic Peter Beinart displayed the left's potent contempt for the greatest nation on the face of the planet in a late Sunday night tweet. Beinart said his annual holiday card will declare "F*** You America."

"Annual Beinart holiday card. Photo: two radiant children. Caption: Fuck You America," reads the tweet.

Beinart was rightfully confronted by Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, over his anti-American message.

"Despicable. This proud immigrant & new U.S. citizen says: God bless America and forgive those who speak like this," wrote Dubowitz.

Of course, in response, Beinart made it clear that his tweet was mainly composed in response to losing an election. The American people voted for Republican Donald Trump, a man Beinart opposes; therefore, America deserves a "F*** You," or something. In other words, Beinart's intolerance is on full display.

After contending that his tweet was "a joke," the leftist writes: "tell me what u did (+ are doing) to stop Trump before lecturing me about patriotism."

In the past, Beinart has also shown his contempt for America's allies. As Daily Wire's Joshua Yasmeh reported back in November of last year, the ironically self-styled "pro-Israel" commentator declared that Israel deserved the Palestinian terror they received.

"While we condemn Palestinian violence, we must recognize this painful truth: that Israeli policy has encouraged it. Israel has encouraged it by penalizing Palestinian nonviolence, by responding to that nonviolence by deportations, teargas, imprisonment, and the confiscation of Palestinian lands. Hard as it is to say, the Israeli government is reaping what it has sowed," Beinart told a Jewish congregation at a progressive Los Angeles synagogue.

Most leftists try to mask their contempt for America and her allies, but Beinart, while he might hilariously contend that he's not anti-American, openly displays the left's true agenda on a frequent basis.

To watch Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro destroy Beinart's anti-Israel stance in a CNN debate clip, click here.


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