As the title implies, I wish to call out the lovers of tyranny who are supposedly on our side. Go ahead, make fun of the Leftists all day long for their love affair with Fidel Castro. They deserve it. But if you're going to cheer on Vladimir Putin, or make excuses for his regime, you're no better. His political opponents are dead or in Gulags, he is attacking his democratic neighbors, his military targets and slaughters civilians by the hundreds of thousands, and he is the arsenal and diplomatic guardian of every anti-American nation on the planet. History will judge the supporters of Castro harshly, and the lovers of Putin will fare no better.

Below are some of Putin's long list of offenses, not including the countless crimes he committed within Russia's boarders:

Putin spied on our military on the eve of the invasion of Iraq and gave our military plan of action to Saddam's government, which they would use to plan a guerrilla campaign to kill Americans. He also allowed his puppet Assad to shelter Al-Qeada and soon-to-be ISIS terrorists in Syria as they made their way to Iraq to kill Americans.

Putin's Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) has been spying on the Israeli military, and was passing on the information to Syria which in turn gave it to Hezbollah—which used the information (as well as weapons labeled "Customer: Ministry of Defence of Syria. Supplier: KBP, Tula, Russia.") to kill Israelis in the 2006 Lebanon war.

Putin built a nuclear reactor for the Iranians at Bushehr—which Putin privately admitted to President Bush that he knows the Iranians do not need and that is capable of reprocessing enough plutonium for at least 60 nuclear weapons. Russia is also selling Iran sophisticated air defense missiles they would use to protect Iran’s nuclear facilities from America and Israel.

Putin has supported Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad's ethnic cleansing in parts of Syria, uses starvation tactics (not unlike those the Nazis used against Putin's birthplace, Leningrad), targets civilians with carpet bombing, continues to use chemical weapons, and together with Assad and Iran is responsible for the majority of the half-million people killed in the war and the refugee crisis.

Putin invaded Georgia, resulting in hundreds of Georgian casualties, set up military bases inside Georgian territory, and severed the Caucasian Energy Corridor that would allow energy independence for the former captive nations of the Caucasus.

Putin attempted to assassinate non-puppet Ukrainian government officials, violated the sovereignty of Ukraine, started a war within the country that has left thousands dead, annexed Crimea, and has reportedly deployed nuclear missiles on the occupied peninsula.

Putin deployed Iskander-M tactical missile systems in the Kaliningrad region, on the border of Nato members Poland and the Baltic republics.

And on and on it goes.