It looks like the appeaser-in-chief is sending an official US delegation to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s funeral after all. After delivering a pathetic eulogy that covered up Castro’s legacy of brutality, President Obama (perhaps reluctantly) agreed to stay in Washington instead of going to Havana next Tuesday for the tyrant’s funeral.

But in a show of respect to the Castro family, he is “sending a pair of key representatives to pay their respects, an informal appearance that reflects the delicate diplomacy between the White House and the leadership in Havana,” according to the Los Angeles Times. “Obama is sending Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the top U.S. diplomat in Cuba, along with deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, but the two men are not being dispatched as part of a formal delegation, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday.”

You might recall that Rhodes, an amateur foreign policy analyst with a degree in creative writing, was one of the main proponents of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Not only did he work behind the scenes to strike a deal with Tehran, but he gloated about deceiving the American public by contriving a so-called “echo-chamber” where he recruited journalists-turned-propagandists to glorify the virtues of the nuclear agreement. He made the gleeful confession in an interview with the New York Times published in May.

Who better to send to do your dirty work than one of your most shameless advisors?

Rhodes, working alongside DeLaurentis, also had a hand in “thawing” relations with Cuba in 2014.

Hoping to cement Obama’s legacy as an angel of unity, the administration refused to even touch Cuba’s cruel policies of civilian control. Eager to make a deal with the island nation, the administration angered countless Cuban-Americans by opening up an embassy in Havana without pushing for human rights reforms.

Now, the United States of America, the leader of the free world, will participate in a memorial service meant to honor one of the 20th centuries most brutal dictators.