Is the Refugee Crisis Creating a European Rape Crisis?

The Muslim Issue reports that Syrian refugees gang-raped a woman in Sweden.

The victim, who remains unidentified, was raped by two Muslim refugees within an hour. Here are the details:

The victim goes home just after 2 p.m. and is caught up by a [Muslim] man who pulls her down and rapes her. When the offence has been completed and the man goes on his way, she puts herself together after a while and walks toward the center of Strängnäs. Just a short distance from the site of the first rape she is assaulted once more by two [Muslim] men carrying out another rape against her,” said Deputy Chief Prosecutor Henry Olin to FriaTider.

The second rape, committed by the 31-year-old in partnership with an unidentified person, is referred to in the indictment as violent. The woman would have been held and raped both vaginal and anal by the accused Syrian, who was also spitting her in the face.

Both the two Arabs were living at the time on Bert Karlsson’s asylum accommodation Hotel Mälarblick and the rapes took place in close proximity to the accommodation. They claim that they are not familiar with each other, something that the Prosecutor does not believe in.

There is a third person involved, but that person has not been identified.

Unfortunately stories like these are becoming the norm in Europe. Since Sweden allowed for mass Muslim immigration in the 1970s, violent crime increased by over 300 percent and rapes by 1,472 percent. One in four women will be raped in Sweden. The statistics are similar in Norway and Denmark. And now with the mass influx of migrants, many Europeans are buying guns for fear of becoming victims of violence.

These refugee asylums are hotbeds of rape and other violent crimes. A letter from four women organizations described a refugee camp in Germany as "a culture of rape and violence":

"It is a fact that women and children are unprotected. This situation is opportune to those men who already regard women as their inferior and treat unaccompanied women as 'fair game.' As a consequence, there are reports of numerous rapes, sexual assaults and increasingly of forced prostitution. These are not isolated incidents."

Women were often too afraid to walk around the camp even during the day, volunteers claimed, while some victims are too terrified to report sexual assaults by the men.

The Gatestone Institute provides chilling details of the rape epidemic going on in Germany.

And yet, European authorities seem to be punishing their citizens instead, as Anne-Marie Waters at Breitbart London writes:

Following the brutal rape of a dying woman in Stockholm, the prosecution did not attempt to deport the rapist and claimed that this Somali citizen could not be removed because he would present a danger to the women of his home country. It mattered not a jot the danger he presented to Swedish women, because in the new Europe, Europeans matter far less than migrants. Ingrid Carlqvist wrote recently: “the destitute Swedish senior citizen must choose between paying 100,000 kronor ($12,000) to get new teeth or living toothless, a person who does not even have the right to stay in Sweden can get his teeth fixed for 50 kronor ($6)”. In Germany, property has been confiscated from German citizens to be handed over to migrants. According to Carlqvist, this is on the cards in Sweden as well.

Despite the clear evidence that the immigration and refugee policies of the West are leading to a rise in crime and violence, the Left continues to bury its head in the sand and repeat its platitudes about being "compassionate" and "generous."

Image (via AP): "Protesters demonstrate with a banner 'Refugees welcome!' in Dresden, eastern Germany, Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015. A refugee shelter was attacked by far-right protesters in Heidenau near Dresden over the last weekend."

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