My Fight With A Leftist Radio Host Who Called Anti-Castro Cubans White Supremacists

It did not end well for the race-baiting hack

Since Fidel Castro passed away, the left continues to praise the late tyrannical Communist dictator. The UK Labour Party's commissar Jeremy Corbyn, for example, said that he will be remembered as a "champion of social justice" despite killing thousands of his people and impoverishing the Cuban population. Scam artist Green Party head Jill Stein said that Castro was a "symbol for the struggle for justice." In light of Castro's passing, many Cuban-Americans openly celebrated the dictator's death. This triggered a Los Angeles-based radio host named Tariq Nasheed. According to Nasheed, the reason why these Cuban-Americans celebrated Castro's death was because of racism.

According to Nasheed, Cuban refugees took to the streets in joy over Castro's passing not because he imprisoned, tortured, and murdered their family members or forced them to make the perilous journey to freedom, but because they were bigoted white supremacists. The left cannot rationalize any legitimate grievance against Communist dictators or socialist advocates like Bernie Sanders without playing to identity politics. Naturally, I called him out on it.

What resulted from this comment on Nasheed's baseless and ludicrous claim was an hour-long "debate" on whether Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro and I were "white supremacists."

After stating an indisputable fact that the Democrat-founded Ku Klux Klan targeted both Jews and black Americans, Nasheed insinuated that I was a "white supremacist" and sent a meme that likened me to the Nazis, who committed genocide against the Jewish people. Being Jewish myself, I took no time in expressing my disgust at such a preposterous claim.

Throughout the exchange, I did not bring up his complexion or his identity because I, like most conservatives, only care about one's values and ideas. As I mentioned multiple times, his views are completely beyond the pale and asinine. However, Nasheed kept bringing race into the conversation as a means to delegitimize any of my counterpoints against his absurd accusations.

Nasheed even attempted to incorporate my standing as a blogger for The Times of Israel as evidence of my "suspected white supremacy."

Every time I asked for any legitimate evidence that I said anything objectively racist, Nasheed kept falling back to the position that he had only "suspected" me of being one based on his own feelings. In his mind, this means that he can label me whatever he wants without having to display any proof. This is a common leftist tactic where they do not need to show you anything substantive to prove why they labeled you, hoping that people catch on and miraculously agree with them. That tactic always fails.

Eventually, Nasheed stopped trying to claim that I was a "suspected white supremacist" and said that I was "reduced" to being a "time-wasting troll."

Again, he continued to insinuate that I was a racist even though he gave no substantive proof that I had said anything objectively bigoted. I responded in the only way that I could: Mockery.

Not surprisingly, Nasheed blocked me immediately afterwards.

Leftists do not rely on any empirical or objective tests to demonstrate how somebody they disagree with is a racist, sexist, bigot, or a homophobe. Instead, they arbitrarily use labels to escape an intellectual conversation based on the merits of their ideas, their policies, and their world views. The only way to argue with the left is to take away their character assassination attempts and discredit their premises using facts and logic. It is nearly impossible to convince these individuals that their ideas are flawed, nonsensical, and morally repugnant. However, it is important to not give into the name-calling and the labels; better to start holding their feet to the fire on evidence and on the merits of their beliefs.

Identity politics is a self-destructive game that many commentators have suggested cost the Democrats the election and helped in Donald Trump's rise to the presidency. Instead of focusing on differences in our complexions, our religions, and our creeds, Americans want to see us unify under the things that bind us together. Tariq Nasheed and others leftists do not want unity but rather endless divisions that keep our nation from moving forward after a consequential and vitriolic election season. The left, along with their alt-right counterparts they ironically claim to hate but have so much in common with, endanger future discourse. We as Americans must do everything to combat these radicals and hold their feet to the fire.

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