On Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry marked “Transgender Day of Remembrance” with a released statement on the State Department website, imploring the United States to focus on the treatment of transgender people across all nations. Kerry expressed concern over the violence perpetrated against trans folks, "fueled by hatred and bigotry." The Secretary of State labeled this fight a "global challenge."

"Transgender Day of Remembrance" began roughly 18 years ago; it's celebrated every November 20 in remembrance of trans individuals who were targeted and murdered. LGBT activists say 24 trans victims from around the world were honored this year.

"On Transgender Day of Remembrance, the United States solemnly honors the memory of the many transgender individuals who lost their lives to senseless acts of violence," starts Kerry's official statement.

"Transgender persons around the world are targeted by rising levels of violence fueled by hatred and bigotry. This is a global challenge and we all must do more to protect transgender persons on the basis of equality and dignity," says the statement.

Kerry continues: "Today we stand in solidarity with the incredible resilience and leadership of the transgender community in responding to stigma and marginalization. Transgender persons deepen our diversity, broaden our communities, and strengthen the values we cherish. When all persons reach their full human potential, free from fear, intimidation, and violence, nations become more just, secure and prosperous."

The Secretary of State asserts that the United Stated "remains committed to advance the human rights of all persons, including transgender persons... [W]e reaffirm equality for all as part of our core constitutional principles and as a human rights priority of U.S. diplomacy."

"Transgender persons deepen our diversity, broaden our communities, and strengthen the values we cherish."

John Kerry

Many Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and the barbaric Islamic terrorist group ISIS lawfully permit the murder of LGBT folks. Under the guidance of the Obama Administration, ISIS has exponentially expanded after its creation, which is argued to be due in large part to the vacuum created by an early pull-out in Iraq by Obama's order.

The American people are currently battling over transgender bathrooms.