How Much Have Clinton Foundation Donations Dropped? The Number Will Stun You.

According to The New York Post, donations to the Clinton Foundation plunged 37% in 2015 to $108 million, down from $172 million in 2014.

Not only was the foundation hurt in the process of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, but the amount of money the Clintons made from speeches dropped precipitously from 2014 to 2015. In 2014, Bill and Hillary Clinton made $3.6 million from speeches; in 2015 that number plummeted to only $357,500.

By September 2015, when the Clinton Global Initiative held its annual conference, many of the substantial donors to the foundation had stopped donating, including Samsung and ExxonMobil; Donna Shalala, who started to run the foundation last year, suffered a stroke after the CGI meeting.

In 2013, a rift developed in the foundation because Chelsea Clinton and her friend Eric Braverman asserted more control, clashing with Bruce Lindsey, who had been CEO and later became board chairman. Braverman left in January 2015; he was replaced by Shalala.

Donald Trump has vacillated as to whether he will investigate the Clinton Foundation, but Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, has said that the investigation into the foundation will continue, stating, "We have perjury issues that we still want the Department of Justice to look at . . . It’s this huge, massive mess that has to be cleaned up. So we would be remiss if we just dismissed it and moved on. We have a lot of things that we have to fix, so it never ever happens again."

For a list of the Clinton Foundation’s seven worst scandals, see here.


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