Student Protesters Force ANOTHER Leftist Dean to Resign. Here's Who's Next.

“At 12:02 p.m. on Thursday, November 12, Mary Spellman resigned as Dean of Students [at Claremont McKenna College] following calls for her resignation after students of color articulated concerns about the Dean of Students office being unsupportive towards students of marginalized identities, and two students yesterday began hunger strikes calling for her resignation,” reports The Forum, “the official student outlet” of the CMC community.

Hunger strikes, protests, and mass outrage ensued when a seemingly innocuous photo of four students dressed up in Halloween costumes leaked on Facebook, showing two white women wearing "stereotyped Mexican costumes"—including "woven ponchos, large sombreros, fake mustaches, and holding maracas"— joined by three friends, one of whom was ASCMC Junior Class President Kris Brackmann, who was holding a sign reading "sorry" (apparently a reference to Justin Bieber).

Dean Spellman’s resignation is the example of the cowardly Leftist capitulation to mob-justice and tyrannical string-pulling. The veil has been lifted on the utter intellectual bankruptcy of social justice warriorship. The notion that a photo of a bunch of white girls dressed up in sombreros on Facebook can spawn the wrath of vindictive college students is so profoundly stupid that it perhaps symbolically reverses a millennia of human progress.

The judiciary of law and reason has succumbed to the kangaroo court of subjective whirlwind feelings. In Mizzou, a filthy rich, but self-proclaimed black victim of oppression on the college football team called attention to the apparent epidemic of “microaggressions,” prompting a series protests demanding that the president of the university resign after drafting a handwritten letter fastidiously detailing his “white male privilege.”

As Daily Wire reported Thursday, another educator from the same university submitted his letter of resignation shortly after in the wake of ongoing tyrannical demands. Dr. Dale Brigham's action that resulted in such strong pushback that he felt compelled to tender his resignation: he encouraged students to be brave in the face of perceived threats on campus from racial "bullies" by choosing not to cancel an exam this week. (By the way, the university ended up rejecting his resignation, apparently fearing the embarrassment of yet another of their faculty and staff going down.)

The domino effect of university officials cowering in fear and resigning in response is taking down the leadership of one school after another. It’s the same story every time.Joining Mizzou and Claremont McKenna College in racial upheaval is Ithaca College, which is likewise experiencing protests and walk-outs staged by social justice activists designed to pressure the administration to meet their policy demands and force the removal of the college president, Tom Rochon.

Smith College is facing its own witch hunt. The New York Times reports, "At Smith College, in Northampton, Mass., about 100 students demonstrated in solidarity with their counterparts in Ithaca and Missouri, while at the University of Kansas, the administration called a town hall meeting to give students and faculty a chance “to be heard” before any concerns about race on campus could grow," poignantly adding, "In interviews, students say they have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement that grew out of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by the police in Ferguson, Mo. They say the victory of protesting students and football players at the University of Missouri has spurred them to demand that their universities provide a safe space for students of color."

All across the country, social justice activists are taking over campuses because university administrators are incentivizing a culture of victimhood and grievance politics where students can punish ideological dissidents and reap the rewards. Looks like academia's chickens are coming home to roost.

Image (via AP): "Students cheer while listening to members of the black student protest group, Concerned Student 1950, speak following the announcement University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe would resign Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo. Wolfe resigned Monday with the football team and others on campus in open revolt over his handling of racial tensions at the school."


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