Will Rick Perry Be Appointed Secretary of That Department He Couldn’t Remember?

During a Republican presidential primary debate in 2011, then-candidate Rick Perry made an infamous gaffe. After stating he'd abolish three federal agencies, he wasn't able to remember all three:

"It's three agencies of government when I get there that are gone: Commerce, Education, and the uh, what's the third one there, let's see...Commerce, Education, and the uh, um..."

After an uncomfortable back and forth among the candidates and moderators, Perry admitted he simply couldn't remember, simply saying: "Oops."

The third agency was the Department of Energy. Looking back at the 2016 presidential election cycle, it's hard to see how "oops" could have destroyed Rick Perry when the current president-elect made dozens of gaffes that were objectively much, much worse.

Though Perry tried his hand again in 2016, his time in the limelight was brief.

Now, in an ironic turn of events, Donald Trump is allegedly considering Perry as the man to run the very agency he "oopsed" on in 2011. According to The Wall Street Journal: "Former Gov. Rick Perry was being discussed as a potential Energy Secretary."

That's all she wrote. No further details were given regarding Perry's possible position. Energy Secretary may seem like a peculiar position for someone like Rick Perry. However, given his executive experience as a successful three-term governor, and the fact that the state in which he served is prime oil country, it's not all that strange.

Nothing is yet official, and all possible appointments are subject to change.

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