What Harvard Students Are Learning During 'Sex Week'

Students at Harvard University—who on average pay roughly $60,659 per year for tuition, room and board—have kicked off their annual “Sex Week.” They can enjoy 13,000 condoms, 1,200 bottles of lube and workshops on anal sex, torture sex (BDSM), and feminist porn to name a few perqs.

The Huffington Post, super-excited about “Sex Week,” went to the sexed-up school for some clarification on just what happens this week.

Apparently, the students at Harvard are susceptible to “making assumptions” about other’s sexuality. This is incredibly devastating because this can “limit sexual exploration.” Thus, “Sex Week” is deemed “super important” because it combats this limited self-exploration while also supplementing freshman students’ “limited” sexual education.

Julia Lee, Events Coordinator for Harvard Sex Week, explained the importance of BDSM (bondage and discipline, B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M)) or torture sex. According to Julia, the BDSM Workshop may just be the most important workshop because “it’s so connected to the other workshops that are part of ‘Sex Week,’” and, “kink can empower people of all different races, genders, ages, abilities…”

Lee presented a different view on “Sex Week” from Dawn Hawkins, the Executive Director for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Hawkins claimed that this week at Harvard promotes subjects similar to female porn and torture sex via workshops, which are tightly tied to sexual assault, thus rendering the week reprehensible.

Lee, (after promptly receiving her answer from the Huffington Post “reporter” in the form of a question) explained the criticism away by saying education would eradicate such a problem, though she insisted that BDSM should not be referred to as torture sex (even though that is precisely what it is) or even BDSM, for that matter, since the acronym is misleading.

If you have yet to fully lose hope in the future of humanity, here’s the full video, if you can stomach it:

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