Totally Rational Feminist Threatens To Send Her Monthly Period Blood To Mike Pence

On Sunday, MTV News' Rachel Zarrell induced nausea when she threatened to send Vice President-elect Mike Pence her monthly period blood if he "tries to regulate [her] uterus," or, in other words, if he advocates for the unborn.

"I swear to god if Mike Pence tries to regulate my uterus I will mail him a monthly bag of period blood," wrote Zarrell via Twitter, (because threatening to collect and package up your monthly period blood and ship it to the White House on a monthly basis is a totally rational response to your candidate losing an election.)

Zarrell and company have worked tirelessly to vilify Mr. Pence and fellow pro-lifers for standing up against the murder of the unborn. You see, if you don't want unborn babies murdered, you hate women, or something. Hence Zarrell's cute little Twitter meltdown, which she now calls "a joke."

But as The Federalist's DC McAllister lovingly points out, Zarrell is being "ignorant of biology" here, or, perhaps, being intentionally dense so she can play victim.

"Clearly you're ignorant of biology. A uterus and a fetus are two different entities. Saving the latter isn't 'regulating' the former," McAllister wrote on Sunday.

This will surely be lost on Zarrell, because that is how the left works. Facts don't matter, nor does science. As long as you're condemning the other side as sexists loudly enough, you're in the right.

Zarrell took it one step further when she was confronted by a Twitter user over her support for killing the unborn. The feminist disturbingly accepted that abortion is indeed baby-murder, but explained that because it's legal, it's perfectly okay.

So, by that logic, when slavery was legal, when black people were deemed 3/5 of a person, that was okay? I mean, it was legal, so it was cool, right?

The morally depravity goes deep with this one.


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