Anti-Trump Hysteria Seizes Santa Monica College: School Brings In Immigration Attorneys, Bilingual Psychologists

Hysteria has swept across United States college campuses following the election of Donald Trump, and Santa Monica College is no exception. On Wednesday November 9, students at the college staged a walk-out to protest the election results, failing to realize that abandoning their education brings more harm to them than to Donald Trump. However, the taxpayer-funded professors were more than accommodating, some even cancelling classes so students could attend the protest. Students gathered in the quad where a podium was graciously set up by the Associated Students so that students and faculty could gather around to share their irrational fears.

Following this gathering in the quad the students marched down the campus chanting “Donald Trump is not my President,” amongst other catchy cries that will have no effect whatsoever on the outcome of the election. The students and faculty took their march down Pico Blvd. for a few blocks before returning on campus and gathering in front of the library to continue their chants.

The college’s reaction to an impending Donald Trump presidency extended far beyond the Wednesday protest. Each of my professors has taken time out of their classes to let the students talk about our feelings. On Thursday November 10, one of my professors even passed around a paper on “dealing with election stress.” Among those solutions listed was “limit political debate and argument” which is the close-minded mentality that got us to this point in the first place. Later that morning Santa Monica College hosted a “supporting our SMC community” event on the football field which featured immigration attorneys, bilingual psychologists, LGBTQ support services, and lots of tears.

Throughout the day different students could be spotted walking around campus holding signs which read “Dump Trump” or “Love Trumps Hate.” All of the Associated Student members had a piece of paper stuck on the back of their shirts that read something along the lines of “Need support or compassion? Talk to me.” Of course, I’m sure that’s only applicable to those who didn’t support the President-Elect.

No doubt protests will continue throughout the weeks to come, whether they be in the form of obscenities scrawled in a bathroom stall about Donald Trump (pictured below) or students walking around with signs reading “I’m Still With Her” (seriously, get over it). That’s what happen when everyone gets a participation trophy as a child, they grow up to think that throwing tantrums will always make things go their way.

Top image (Getty Images): Thousands of people protest in the streets against President-elect Donald Trump in Los Angeles, California on November 12, 2016.


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