Moore: Whites Afraid 'To Be The Minority In This Country'

Neo-Marxist filmmaker Michael Moore told left-wing CNN’s Jake Tapper that white Americans fear racial demographic changes. In a Sunday interview on State of the Union, the filmmaker described a white-minority America as a fait accompli.

Asked about possible future leadership for the Democratic National Committee, Moore scoffed at white Democrat possibilities such as Howard Dean or Martin O’Malley. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) a black man who converted to Islam, piqued his interest.

Moore exposited on what he described as the inevitability of a white-minority America:

“Keith Ellison, that is the exact way to go. That is the future. The fear that I think a lot of white voters have is that they know the truth, which is that as the census bureau says before 2050, white people are gonna be the minority in this country. For the last two Septembers now, the majority of kindergartners in schools in America are not white. That’s the new America, and we need to have a party that’s gonna represent the majority here that’s in the future, and not the past.”

White people must also make special considerations of compassion for Muslims, blacks, and Hispanics, said Moore, claiming that the aforementioned groups are afraid:

“Right now, all white people to be concerned about how afraid Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics, are right now. I had to make that appeal, because I worry about what’s ahead.”

Moore did not make any overtures to Muslims to request understanding from them towards American fears of Islamic terrorism.

At no point in the interview did Tapper challenge any of Moore’s assertions.

Watch the video below.

Despite implying that white support for Trump is rooted in racial fears in his interview with Tapper, Moore said last week that Trump's white supporters were not racially motivated or anti-black racists.

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