Van Jones: 'Terrified' Muslims Fear Internment Camps

Left-wing CNN’s Van Jones said on Wednesday that blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and other minorities were "terrified" of the incoming Donald Trump administration. Muslims specifically, implied Jones, feared being interned.

“Terror,” began Jones. “Terrified Latinos. Terrified Muslims. I had a Muslim mother asking me, ‘Should I leave the country? Are they going to intern us?’”

Anti-Trump protests in places like New York City, NY, and Portland, OR, said Jones, were functions of widespread fear felt by the "base" of the Democrat Party.

“This is the beginning of the anti-Trump resistance,” said Jones of the professionally organized protests. “When you have terrified people of color,” said Jones, presenting himself as worried, “[protests] happen all night and it will get bigger and bigger.”

Since the election, Jones has repeatedly claimed that blame for widespread fears he claims are felt by “people of color” lays at Trump's feet. Trump must, according to Jones, reach out to these supposedly “terrified” blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims in order to assuage these allegedly widespread fears.

When challenged by fellow CNN panelist and Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany over his implication that Trump intended to Muslims in internment camps, Jones denied specifically saying “internment camps.”

Without any sense of irony, Jones then described himself as a measured political unifier who combats political alarmism.

“I am not finished,” responded Jones. “I’m not gonna be talked over tonight. I am not. You have people who are terrified. And you have to take some responsibility for it. I am not spreading the terror. I am trying to damp it down.”

Jones then described was he claimed were widespread fears among Latinos of Trump’s call for deportations of foreigners illegally in the country.

“You have people, Latino families, who say, ‘This guy has said he is going to deport millions of people,'" said Jones. "They don’t know, should they sell their homes? They are terrified."

“If you want unity," continued Jones, "and I want unity. And I’m working harder for unity than anybody on this stage, I guarantee you. If you want unity, we have to hear the pain first before you tell people they’re wrong to hurt.”

Watch the video below.

CNN uploaded an excerpt of the aforementioned segment to its YouTube channel which omitted the portion in which Jones claimed a Muslim mother feared internment.

See the edited CNN segment below.

Angela Rye - another CNN contributor and professional racial agitator - recently echoed Jones’s call for unconditional respect of people's’ “feelings.” Fears of Trump felt by "undocumented" persons, said Rye were not to be dismissed.

Over recent days, Van Jones has pushed racial agitation with a narrative that various non-white minorities are now living in fear following Tuesday’s presidential election. He claims to have friends and contacts who are contemplating fleeing the country due to fear of a Trump presidency.

“I have Muslim friends that are texting me tonight, saying, ‘Should I leave the country?’” said Jones in the hours after the election was called for Trump.

Also on the night of the election, Jones said his contacts were describing a “nightmare.” He also said that parents were afraid to have breakfast with their children in order to avoid discussing the election’s results.

“You have people putting children to bed tonight,” began Jones, “and they’re afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of, ‘How do I explain this to my children?’”

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