Students at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin took to marching across their school campus in response to Tuesday’s election outcome.

The students chanted the classy go-to “F*** Donald Trump!” slogan, along with other chants such as “We’re taking to the streets!” and “Donald Trump has got to go!” In addition to the chants and “F*** Trump” banners, several students waved rainbow flags and even Mexican flags in protest of his future presidency.

Watch footage from the protest below:

The students held their march beginning in the center of the UT campus and eventually moved to the streets, blocking off Martin Luther King Blvd and dispersing in demonstrations across the city, a student told The Daily Wire.

The protests have become not only heated but also defamatory,” UT student Joshua Preston said. “ The entire atmosphere here at The University of Texas at Austin is filled with anger and mistrust.”

Preston said his classes during the past couple of days have been half-empty because many of his classmates dodge class in order to join protests in downtown Austin. He began filming the protest right after election results came in, he said.

“The outrage is very real and has become very extreme,” he said. “Just hearing the comments of students around my university has brought a kind of fog to the area. As a student of government, this is something unique to the atmosphere of the campus, including the gun-free UT protests that went on this past year."

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