LOL: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cher ‘Crying’ Backstage After Hillary Loss

One of the added benefits of a Trump presidency is the sheer amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth displayed by the "cultural liberal elites" now that their God-Queen has been forever banished to the island of "never going to be president, ever."

Case in point, the glory that is Business Insider's report: "Pop stars Lady Gaga and Katie Perry wept backstage on election night at what was supposed to be Hillary Clinton's victory party"

MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt posted on Twitter that a source present at the Clinton party witnessed the hilarity:

Kind of perfect that Katy Perry was so upset she wouldn't take the stage, just like her idol, Hillary.

It seems Cher's constant all-caps tweets about The Donald weren't changing any minds about him but rather weakening her already-fragile mental state for the moment Trump crushed her patron-saint of Crookedness:

And of course, she was gracious in losing, and not lashing out at others...

It really does bring the...


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