Report: Transgender’s Truck Set On Fire After Being Painted ‘Trump’

At approximately 4 a.m. Saturday morning, a transgender military vet living in Cookeville, Tennessee, had her truck set on fire.

The woman, identified only as Elle by The Tennessean, allegedly heard a noise coming from her driveway at about 3:30 a.m. She went outside to find the door of her Ford F-150 truck wide open. She closed it, and went back inside. Thirty minutes later, her car was up in flames.

According to Elle, it appears that the word "Trump" was spray-painted on the front and back of her truck before it was lit on fire. Photographs show the damage:

It was allegedly a police officer who noticed the spray paint:

"Most of (the paint) got burned off, but one of the police officers pointed out that it said ‘Trump’ on the hood and the back...It just breaks my heart every time I walk past the driveway."

Elle doesn't have any Hillary Clinton paraphernalia in her yard, and the photographs don't show anything on her vehicle. However, she has actively campaigned against Donald Trump on social media, saying he would be bad for the LGBT community.

The Tennessean reports that "Elle served eight years in the U.S. Army. She was medically retired in 2007 after suffering from a severe brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder while on tour in Iraq in 2004." She currently lives in Cookeville with her 3-year-old son.

Elle claims that the police are investigating this as a hate crime, though The Tennessean could not confirm this.

There are several possibilities here. This crime could indeed have been committed by a Trump supporter. It's been shown on multiple occasions that a subset of the GOP nominee's base is made up of aggressive individuals.

Another possibility is that this crime was made to look like it was committed by a Trump supporter. As the Project Veritas undercover videos revealed, operatives on the Left have allegedly incited violence to make Trump supporters look dangerous. It wouldn't be a complete surprise if this crime was committed by a leftist with a political motive.

Lastly, Elle could have done this herself. Because we currently know very little about the crime, all possibilities are viable.

However, if this was the work of a deranged Trump supporter, or even a Trump-hating Democrat, it's a sign of a dangerous trend. In mid-October, a North Carolina Republican office was firebombed in the dead of night. This election has become heated to the point that some individuals believe it's necessary to commit crimes to make their point.

Violence can also be seen on social media, where some users remark that if the opposition wins, it may be time for a "revolution."

Elle's truck fire may simply be a one-off incident, but it's just one more example of this election bringing out the worst in humanity.


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