On Saturday, a leftist college sophomore was escorted off stage at his own university after criticizing Hillary Clinton. The young man, identified as Kaleb Vanfosson, was introducing Clinton campaign surrogate Bernie Sanders before one of Clinton's communications directors dragged the boy off stage for failing to follow his script. As president of Iowa State University's Young Democratic Socialists, the devout Bernie supporter appeared to be disenchanted with what he saw as Clinton’s elitist detachment with reality.

“She has completely lost grip of what it’s like to be an average person,” asserted Vanfosson, adding that Clinton’s connections with Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street financial firms show that she’s just another cog in the machinery of the “military-industrial complex.”

The college student’s harsh rebuke of the Democratic presidential nominee was unexpected. He initially began his speech by condemning “part-time reality TV star and full-time bigot” Donald Trump.
Pleased, Clinton’s ever-watchful campaign organizers allowed the young man to continue his rant. But that all changed when the leftist speaker turned his attention to Hillary’s history of corruption.
It took less than 60 seconds for a Clinton campaign operative to rush on stage and quickly escort the young man out of the room when the student began exposing the Democratic nominee’s foul character.
Before he was silenced by the Clinton machine, Vanfosson told his fellow students to vote with their hearts, suggesting that millennials are having a difficult time warming up to establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.
This lack of millennial support is precisely the reason why the Clinton campaign is sending Bernie Sanders to stump for Hillary on college campuses. Hillary has neither the utopian delusions of Sanders nor the oratorical gifts of Barack Obama to attract an influential number of millennial voters. Many young people view her as a product of the 90s, a recycled and outdated politician that should have disappeared into the dustbin of history.
Sanders, perhaps reluctantly, is doing his part to change that perception and rally the youth vote on her behalf.
Judging from the loud applause Vanfosson’s vitriolic speech received on Saturday, Sanders’ request that millennials pivot their support to Hillary isn’t gaining all that much traction.
Watch the full incident below: