Obama Talks About HIMSELF 207 Times In Speeches Supposedly About Hillary

President Barack Obama has been campaigning hard for the woman who is supposedly going to extend his legacy four more years. The only problem with stumping for Hillary Clinton, however, is she's not exactly a candidate easy to get too enthused about. That fact combined with Obama's well-documented preoccupation with himself is resulting in Obama's "Hillary" speeches being a whole lot more about him than her. In 84 minutes of speeches, the president referred to himself a remarkable 207 times.

The American Mirror helpfully did a little basic math to give us some perspective on just how "pro-Hillary" Obama really is. "During two appearances for Hillary Clinton on Thursday, the president referred to himself a total of 207 times — 110 in Miami and 97 in Jacksonville, Florida," the American Mirror notes. In the Jacksonville speech, it took the president 27 self-references before he finally remembered to bring up.

In the speeches, Obama spent a disproportionate amount of time walking the audiences through his soaring legacy, particularly on the train wreck that is Obamacare, his commitment to destroying reliable energy industries, and his fine job on the economy, despite the "Obama recovery" being characterized by a record number of low-growth quarters, record numbers of people out of the work force, abysmal GDP growth, and a spike in the number of people on welfare. In one particularly hilarious moment, he congratulated himself on low gas prices, which have gone down despite his best efforts to take out Big Oil.

In case you've forgotten some of the high points of his presidency, here’s the president's full speech in Miami:

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