Hillary IMPLODES: Trump 'Took Everything...Paid Nothing To Support Us!'

Hillary Clinton can’t believe she’s losing.

The polls have shifted dramatically against her since Friday. They were already moving away from her thanks to media reports about corruption inside the Clinton Foundation. But she’s collapsed since the FBI announcement that they would be reopening their investigation into her private email server.

RealClearPolitics, which just days ago had Hillary with over 300 electoral votes in a no-toss-up estimate, now believes that she has just a 273-265 electoral vote lead. Her national lead is down to 1.7 percent in a two-way race, and 2.2 percent in a four-way race. Trump is now ahead in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, and Nevada. He still strails significantly in Virginia (Clinton +4.7), Colorado (Clinton +4.0), Wisconsin (Clinton +5.7), Pennsylvania (Clinton +6.0), New Hampshire (Clinton +4.7) and Michigan (Clinton +7.0) – but there are few updated polls from those states, and virtually none since the FBI dropped news of the investigation.


So, Hillary’s losing her mind. On Tuesday night, Hillary said that her backers should “stage an intervention” with Trump supporters. “He took everything our great country has to offer,” she raved. “He scooped it up with both hands and then paid nothing to support us.”

This is the worst sort of socialist claptrap. Hillary’s the one who used her government position in order to enrich herself – the Clinton Foundation was an entity designed to cover for the Clinton Inc. slush fund, acting as go-between for favor-brokering at the State Department. Trump’s got a sleazy business record, but it’s in the private sector – and he’s under no obligation to “support” anyone beyond the bounds of the law.

Hillary then began ranting about “the Russian business deals” that have never been substantiated with Trump, and yelled about “the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior from people who support Donald Trump.” There’s certainly a cadre of Trump supporters on the alt-right who ought to be called out. But Hillary’s base of support relies on casting America as a racist, sexist, bigoted country that can only be corrected via strong top-down leadership from a Great Woman. Hillary’s entire mode of rhetoric for decades has been negative, dark, and divisive. And as James O’Keefe exposed, her campaign has been linked with people who use dangerous behavior as a campaign tactic.

Hillary’s struggling. And she’s struggling not because of Donald Trump, but because of who she is: a dark, divisive, corrupt candidate incapable of wooing the American people without threatening them.

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