Obama Frets Trump Presidency: 'He'll Dig Up Michelle's Garden!'

On Wednesday morning, President Barack Obama appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, where he agonized over a future Donald Trump presidency — which has become more likely in recent days, after the FBI announced on Friday that it has reopened its investigation into the unlawful private server of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

As revealed in an awkward exchange, one of Obama’s main concerns is the First Lady’s garden being ruined by a President Trump. And Obama’s not "joking."

“I guarantee you he’ll dig up Michelle’s garden," complains the Commander-in-Chief.

“That’s messed up,” interjected Joyner, giving off a laugh.

But Obama wasn’t amused, “You think I’m joking?” he asks.

“No—and your basketball court too!” adds the host, trying to make light of the comment.

Ignoring the host, Obama laments his second most serious concern over a President Trump: “And, and, and they’ll reverse all the work that’s been done.”

In fairness, Michelle’s garden is pretty nice.

As of Wednesday morning, the First Lady's garden is in serious jeopardy: Mean garden-demolishing Trump is in a dead heat with Hillary in the latest ABC/Washington Post tracking poll.


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