Texas A&M Student Arrested After Crashing Into Squad Car While Taking Nude Selfie

A Bryan, Texas police officer was investigating a disturbance call and interviewing witnesses on Wednesday night, when suddenly his parked patrol car he was standing next to was suddenly slammed into by an SUV.

When the officer approached the SUV, he found 19-year-old Texas A&M University student Miranda Kay Rader with an unfastened bra scrambling to put her shirt on. An open wine bottle sat next to her in the vehicle.

According to The Eagle, Radar attempted to explain why she didn't see the parked squad car sitting there with its emergency lights flashing.

"The teen told police she had been at a friend's house and was on the way back to her dorm room. When the officer asked why Rader was in a state of undress, she said she had been taking a topless photo on her phone to send to her boyfriend, reports state. Officers performed a field sobriety test, during which Rader had difficulty maintaining her balance. She was later taken to a local hospital for a blood test. Damage to both vehicles was minor."

LawNewz reports that, "although she did not report any injuries, Rader was taken to the hospital to obtain a blood sample after failing part of the field sobriety tests. She was then arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container, and also received a ticket for being a minor in possession of alcohol."

Officer Kelley McKethan, a Bryan police spokeswoman, told reporters it's sheer luck that neither party were seriously injured.

"Could this crash have happened if she were not intoxicated?" McKethan said. "Certainly. Drunk driving and distracted driving are both catastrophic, and things could have been much worse."

Heavy.com posted a few pics from Radar's social media pages, including one Facebook post from back in July where she linked to a story about a Texas teen who was killed that month in a drunken driving accident.

Rader was held in the Brazos County Jail until posting $2,000 bail on Thursday morning.

Local news footage of the headline-making nude selfie car wreck below:

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