Biden Does A Burnout In His '67 Stingray With Jay Leno, Then Races Colin Powell

In the new teaser clip for the CNBC car show "Jay Leno's Garage," Joe Biden shows up to do something he's only done three times in the last seven years: Drive.

“Secret service doesn’t let me [drive],” he tells host Leno in the video (below), grinning like a school boy at the sight of his original 1967 Corvette Stingray in a gorgeous Goodwood Green with Saddle Leather interior.

It turns out, vice presidents aren’t allowed to drive during their time in office, or for the six months following their term. So when ol' "Handsy Joe" got his paws on that wood-grain wheel, he put the peddle to the metal and did a burn out even a Republican could love.

Because of Biden's driving restriction, the two opted to cut loose on the private track used by the Secret Service for training purposes.

In the clip, Biden tells Leno that while he was growing up, his father ran the largest Chevrolet dealership in the state. So in August 1967, when Biden and his wife were about to get married, his dad told him to bring in their old cars so he could fix them up as a gift. When they showed up to get their cars from the dealership mechanics, what they got instead was a brand new Corvette. And Joe has owned it ever since.

He told Leno that at one point his sons had the 327 cubic inch engine rebuilt as a birthday gift, and it still runs like a top.

“I’ve always loved to drive,” said the Vice President. “I shouldn’t say it on TV … I like speed.”

He confesses to Jay that he “buried” the Stingray when he was younger, putting his foot to the floor topping out at 152 mph on the 160 mph speedometer. Leno tells him to go back to the dealership and demand those last 8 miles per hour.

According to the video, in 1967 Biden's Vette would've cost 5 grand. Today, one that is original with those specific options would have a price tag around $78,000 dollars. But the fact that it is a one-owner car and that owner happened to be a Vice President means the value would most likely be higher.

At the end of the clip, a 2015 Corvette Stingray pulls up behind them ready for a race. The mystery driver is revealed to be Colin Powell, and we're left assume the full episode will have more footage of the two racing their prized sports cars.


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