Political Violence, Media Corruption, and Thank God for the Second Amendment

Thanks to James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, we now have video proof that high-ranking Democrat operatives directly connected to the highest-ranking Democrats in the land (the Clintons, the DNC, marriage to a sitting congresswoman) have engaged in vote fraud and the orchestration of violence at Donald Trump's campaign events.

And our elite, political media doesn't care.

And this is why, in their infinite wisdom, our Founders gave us the right to self-defense in the Second Amendment.

Don't allow yourselves to become a boiling frog, someone so manipulated you slowly get used to one outrage after another, until one day it has all gone too far. The media's reaction (or non-reaction) to the orchestration of political violence is a very big and scary deal.

Now just because I haven't allowed myself to be dropped into that pot of hot water, that doesn’t mean I'm surprised by the elite media's indifference to out-and-out violence. Of course I'm not surprised. Our elite media has no bottom. There is no depth to which they will not sink in order to obtain their only goal, which is to centralize power and take control over all of us in Washington DC.

The elite media is nothing more than a corrupt cabal of leftwing political operatives. Think about it: if the media's willing to use lies to stoke violence in poor, black neighborhoods like Ferguson and Baltimore, should we be at all surprised that they look the other way when "Trumptards" are beaten and harassed?

That would be a no.

To be fair, the media might not believe the Veritas videos. There might be some skepticism around how the videos are edited. That's all well and good. That's supposed to be the media's job -- to be inherently skeptical. But that's not the case here. We're not seeing investigative reporters from major media organizations digging into O'Keefe's reporting. We're not seeing "responsible" talking heads demand a Congressional or FBI or FEC investigation.

All we're seeing across the media landscape is lip service. A few blow-dried anchors ask Team Clinton a few blow-dried questions. Team Clinton responds with talking points. And after a few minutes we are moved along because There Is Nothing To See Here.

Violence, folks… violence. Orchestrated violence conducted by one of our country's two major political parties. Violence using the mentally ill. Violence that is not only captured on video but that is backed up by what we are seeing in WikiLeaks. Violence against peaceful Americans doing the most American of things: gathering for a political rally.

Like Benghazi and the IRS persecution of the Tea Party and lying to us about keeping our insurance and setting up a secret server in a bathroom, the Democrats know they can get away with inciting violence against us because they know that if caught the media will dismiss, distract, and wrist-flick it all away.

Violence, folks. And not just violence, but false charges of violence filed against us "Trumptards" -- people the media see as something less than human.

All of this makes Nixon's infamous ratf*cking look like fraternity pranks.

And our media doesn’t care.

In fact, our media has probably known about this from the beginning and angled coverage to help the Clinton campaign meet their stated goal, which was a chaos narrative around the Republican nominee. So what if a little blood is spilled in the process? You do have to break a few eggs in order to obtain a well-ordered Utopia.

Last year, when "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd abused his power to outright lie about the horrific crimes committed by illegal aliens (crimes that will never affect him), I wrote that the only comfort in such a dishonest media-world is the Second Amendment, our right to defend ourselves. I feel the same thing here.

By ignoring and dismissing Hillary Clinton orchestrating political violence, the media only encourages more. This is a very dark line for our media to cross. In the boiling pot you might not have felt it, but our entire world just shifted on its axis. For realsies.

This is no joke. There is nothing these people will not do to obtain power, and the elite media is fully on board.

You are being replaced, disenfranchised, and now the media is giving Democrats permission to commit violence against you.

Take advantage of the Second Amendment while we still have one.

And by all means…

Stay ungovernable, America.

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