'White Privilege': Media Ignore Black Eighth Graders Murdering White Woman 120 Miles from 'Racist' Mizzou

While the media go out of their minds covering supposed systemic racism at the University of Missouri, actual racist acts go unnoticed.

Yesterday, the media cheered the resignation of President Tim Wolfe, even though Wolfe sided with “anti-racism” protesters every step of the way. Wolfe acknowledged “racism” at Mizzou, despite zero evidence of entrenched systemic racism; he begged forgiveness after his car didn’t hit a student protester during a homecoming parade; he met with and praised a student hunger striker. He found himself on the wrong end of a Godfather-like offer from the racial conflagrationists anyway.

There will be no riots or protests over Tanya Chamberlain. There will be no cameras.

And the media celebrated. ESPN – MSNBC with spherical and oblong projectiles -- ran with the story all day, talking about the supposed bravery of the full scholarship Mizzou football players who risked precisely nothing by joining the astroturfed movement. The Associated Press gleefully reported, “when another series of racially charged incidents stirred emotions in Columbia, students emboldened by last year’s protests in Ferguson took action.” Never mind that the Ferguson protests were riots, and that they took place over a justified shooting of a black criminal by a white police officer. Never mind that the Mizzou president was blackmailed out of his job simply because he had white skin.

No, this was a racial story worth covering. It was worth covering because the black student government president was allegedly called the n-word by some white guys – no evidence was found; it was worth covering because some black students got called the n-word by a drunken frat boy, who is now under investigation for expulsion; it was worth covering because some crazy person scrawled a swastika in poop on a dorm bathroom wall.

Meanwhile, there was another racial story the media ignored progressing just 120 miles from Columbia.

In Kansas City, the trial of 14-year-old and 13-year-old black eighth graders in the murder of 43-year-old white woman Tanya Chamberlain continues. Court documents released on Tuesday to KCTV5 showed that the two boys went to school that day; they then went to a car wash and got into Chamberlain’s car while she was still in the front seat. Twenty minutes later, police tracked down the car, and the boys ran. According to the officer on scene, Chamberlain had been stabbed to death, with wounds on her face, neck, chest, arms and hands. The bloody knife was found in the car as well. A mother of another student contacted police to say her son recognized the two boys from the school football team, and by the hoodies they always wore. A neighbor also said that one of the boys showed up in her home and had blood on his undershirt. Clothing was removed from the apartments of the boys. The teens have implicated each other.

The media will pretend that true racism exists at a university where the administration fights racism at every turn, but will ignore murders that cross racial lines so long as the victims are white and the perpetrators black. There will be no riots or protests over Tanya Chamberlain. There will be no cameras.

After all, to cover such incidents would be “white privilege.”


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