Man On LSD 'Saves' Dog From House Fire. There's Only One Small Problem…

A New York man high on LSD took it upon himself to heroically save his neighbor’s dog from their devastating house fire. The only problem? The fire was imaginary, only existing in his hallucinogenic mind.

Michael Orchard, 43, was found standing like an action figure, dog in stretched out arms, outside what he thought was a raging inferno at his neighbor's home in the town of Halfmoon, New York when state troopers found him on Thursday. According to police, Orchard had an LSD and cough medicine mixture in his system at the time of his imaginary heroism.

"He believed that the residence was on fire. And he was rescuing the dog," Trooper Mark Cepiel told the press.

WHEC News reports:

Neighbors tell us Orchard went around the neighborhood banging on doors yelling about a fire. Since no one would help, because there was no fire. The animal lover took matters into his own hands to save the dog. Allegedly driving his black BMW sedan through the fence. Troopers say once Orchard got through this fence with his vehicle, he got out, went up to the back door, smashed through it, and went inside to save the family's large white dog.

"He drove over yards and through the fence. At no point was he on the roadway. And no illegal substances were found in his possession," added the trooper.

According to law enforcement officers on scene, the suspect was extremely cooperative, as he was under the impression that he had just committed an act of heroism, not a crime.

Orchard was charged with second degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief, reports WHEC.

The Saratoga man apparently has a history of destroying his neighbors' property; one such list of items has already been reported to cops involved.

Orchard is currently sitting in county jail on $15,000 bail.

The dog was unharmed during the imaginary rescue.


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