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Latest Episode

Ep. 44 - Fake News Is Fake News ft. Andy Millennial

Donald Trump blasts fake news media for ignoring Russia’s uranium deal with Clinton. Meanwhile, the New York Times alleges fake news ads are popping up even on fact-checking websites, and the Democrats and John McCain are pushing legislation to require more transparency on Facebook ads. Michael explains where the falsehood lies. Then cultural correspondent Andy Millennial joins to discussed what the youth are keen on and hep to these days, as well as the crisis in the arts. Finally, all of your problems are solved in the mailbag!

Ep. 43 - President Trump at #War

President Donald Trump is facing war on all fronts. He’s been accused of insensitivity toward a gold star mother, former future president Hillary Clinton is slamming his North Korea strategy as “dangerous,” and rumors swirl over a Bannon-induced White House conflict with Mitch McConnell. Michael discusses the fallout. Then, Elisha Krauss, Amber Athey, and Amanda Prestigiacomo join the Panel of Deplorables to talk gay Nazi Jews, Rand Paul’s smacking around John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and elementary schools cancelling Halloween in favor of the politically correct “Orange and Black” spirit day.

Ep. 42 - Trump Wants Hillary To Run Again (#MeToo!)

President Trump wants Hillary to run again. Michael too! Plus, the Me Too meme and how saccharine slacktivism hurts real victims. Then, the first Democrat ever to grace the Michael Knowles Show couch to run down the latest list of left-wing talking points. Finally, Erielle Davidson and His Eminence Paul Bois join the Panel of Deplorables to talk America’s quiet victory of ISIS, John McCain’s spurious spurious nationalism, and California’s official third gender.

Ep. 41 - The NYT Is Trash: An Historical Retrospective

The New York Times accused conservatives of pandering to our audiences, so Michael gladly plays to type! Then Allie Stuckey and Jacob Airey join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss Rex Tillerson’s reported castration, a congressional candidate abducted by aliens—E.T., not S.A.—and the latest naval-gazing Facebook meme in the wake of the Weinstein scandal, scores of women posting “me too.”

Ep. 40 - Ideologies Are Parasites ft. Jordan B. Peterson

Does God exist? Is ideology a destructive parasite? Have campus snowflakes and pajama boys destroyed civilization? Dr. Jordan B. Peterson comes on to explain the world. Then Zo Rachel, Amanda Prestigiacomo, and Jacob Airey join the Panel of Deplorables to talk Trump’s surprise Obamacare smackdown and an American family freed after being held hostage by the Taliban for five years. Finally, the Mailbag!

Ep. 39 - Day of the Girl ft. Blaire White

The incomparable and iconoclastic Blaire White to discuss what the Left gets wrong on transgenderism, the problems with LGBT activism, and which pronouns we should all be using. Then Erielle Davidson and Amber Athey join the Panel of Deplorables to talk Eminem’s terrible rap performance, but I repeat myself, fat kids, and how the Boy Scouts have officially become the Girl Scouts.

Ep. 38 - Donald Trump, Traditionalist, or: What I Learned In The UK

Michael has returned from the Motherland with a tweed-clad, pipe-smoking, Queen-saving realization: Donald Trump is a traditionalist. He’ll discuss the Disraeli-esc, high culture conservatism of our reality TV president. Then, investor Hal Lambert joins to discuss his new Republican-only investment fund with the stock ticker symbol MAGA. Finally, Paul Bois and Emily Butler join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and President Trump’s yuge IQ.

Ep. 36 - #ThoughtsAndPrayers in Las Vegas

A suspected lone gunman commits the largest mass shooting in American history. Within hours, the hashtag #thoughtsandprayers began trending on Twitter. Michael discusses why thoughts and prayers are under attack. Then, journalist Mary Lane talks the relation between the #TakeAKnee football movement and right-wing winning. Finally, Amber Athey, Amanda Prestigiacomo, and Jacob Airey join the Panel of Deplorables to talk about John Kasich’s leaving the Republican Party. He’s a Republican? U.S. manufacturing soaring, and UK schools’ removing BC and AD dating so as not to offend non-Christians.

Ep. 35 - RIP, Hef: The Playboy Philosophy — plus, Mailbag!

Playboy playboy Hugh Hefner has died at 91. We’ll examine how the Playboy Philosophy transformed America. Then, Erielle Davidson, Zo Rachel, and His Eminence Paul Bois join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss sex, sex, sex, half naked lady football players, and President Trump’s partial birth abortion ban. Finally, the Mailbag!

Ep. 34 - Did Trump Win Or Lose The Alabama Senate Primary?

President Trump’s endorsed candidate Luther Strange lost the Alabama Republican Senate primary last night, but he lost to the far Trumpier candidate Roy Moore. Is the Trump effect dead, or is it covfefer than ever? Then, Amber Athey, and Jacob Airey join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss George Clooney’s terrible poetry, woman drivers in Saudi Arabia, and tax reform.

Ep. 33 - Is Trump Playing 4-D Football?

A member of Congress takes the knee, the Cowboys try to take their knee and stand up too, and the President’s popularity surges. Is Trump laying 4-D football? Then, Erielle Davidson, Amanda Prestigiacomo, and his eminence Paul Bois join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss the cowardly Republicans who killed Obamacare repeal, the New York Times’s creepy communism obsession, and the Paris Hilton Climate Accord.

Ep. 32 - Free Speech Hour ft. Dave Rubin

Classical liberal Dave Rubin stops by the studio to discuss free speech as Milo's Berkeley #FreeSpeechWeek flops and President Trump calls out knee-dropping NFL activists. Then, Allie Stuckey and Jacob Airey join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss Anthony Weiner in the can and NPR's lambasting the unfair exclusivity of women's sports.

Ep. 31 - Why Can't The Left Take A Joke? ft. Zo Rachel

Author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning political treatise "Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction" Zo Rachel joins to explain why the Left has lost its funny bone. Then, Erielle Davidson and Jacob Airey join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss the convenient changes to hysterical global warming predictions, the Google memo guy’s admiration for KKK titles, and Jimmy Kimmel’s latest humorless political rant! And finally, all of your questions will be answered in the Mailbag.

Ep. 30 - Snowflakes and the End of Days ft. Allie Stuckey

The Blaze’s Conservative Millennial Allie Stuckey joins in-studio to discuss the Whiniest Generation. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then, John Bickley, and Emily Butler join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss Republican propaganda, Jimmy Kimmel’s latest humorless hacking for Democrats, and meat-eating vegetarians.