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Ben Shapiro Mailbag

Ep. 386 - Was Trump Right About Wiretapping?

The FBI was watching Trump’s campaign manager, the next Republican attempt at Obamacare repeal is here, and we survey college students about free speech.

Ep. 379 - When Politics Becomes Religion

Democrats attack a judge over her Catholicism, Hillary attacks Bernie, and Republicans cave to Trump while Trump caves to Democrats – plus we check the mailbag!

Ep. 378 - Trump’s Big Democratic Day

Trump campaigns with a Democrat, signs a debt deal with Democrats, and prepares for an infrastructure deal with Democrats. So why are so many Republicans happy?

Ep. 377 - Circular Firing Squad

It’s the war of all against all over Obama’s executive amnesty; Linda Sarsour talks about when she wasn’t a person of color; and we talk some Bible.