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Ep. 417 - Moore Comes Unmoored

Another sexual assault accuser emerges, Moore responds, and we ask whether politics and style are tied together.

Ep. 416 - The Hit On Hannity, And Much Much Moore

Media Matters targets Sean Hannity, we examine the various perspectives on the Roy Moore sex scandal allegations, and President Trump sends the single greatest tweet of his career.
Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore, 9-25-2017.

Ep. 415 - Should Republicans Dump Moore?

Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is hit with sexual allegations from three decades ago, Louis CK is hit with allegations of his own, and we check the Mailbag!

Ep. 414 - Are We All Members Of Cults?

On the one-year anniversary of Trump’s election, the Left is crazier than ever; Republicans struggle to pass tax cuts; and why do bad things happen to good people?

Ep. 412 - A Good Man With A Gun

The Left tried to blame the NRA, but an NRA instructor was the hero of the day; thoughts and prayers do matter; we deconstruct some culture.

Ep. 407 - Happy Halloween!

Keith Olbermann stops by to launch the latest episode of #TheResistance, we investigate whether Trump should actually fear Mueller, and it’s time to deconstruct the culture.

Ep. 406 - It’s Indictment Day!

Special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to file charges…but against whom? Trump goes to town on Twitter, and the Democrats move into defense mode on Hillary’s oppo research.