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Latest Episode

Ep. 350 - Trump #NeverLeashed

Most. Entertaining. President. Ever. Plus John Nolte joins us to discuss the Cold Civil War.

Ep. 349 - Liar's Poker

Did moderates lie? Are conservatives scamming the base? Can the GOP get anything done? Plus the mailbag - whoo-hoo - your life's problems solved.

Ep. 347 - War for the Planet of the Humans

On the news, in Hollywood, on college campuses, the left uses a fantasy to draw fools away from freedom. Michael Knowles joins us to discuss Game of Thrones.

Ep. 345 - The Silly Season Begins

Ah, summer! Sun, surf, girls in bright dresses and a leftist news media trying to destroy the presidency over nothing. Plus the mailbag (er, whoo-hoo): all your questions answered.

Ep. 344 - Is Western Culture Done For?

Can we reclaim the idea of the west. James O'Keefe joins us to discuss his Project Veritas fight against the mainstream media. This episode is brought to you by: ProFlowers! Get 20% off farmstand flowers or any purchase of $29 or more at when you enter the promo code AK.

Ep. 343 - A Great Week for the Good Guys

The left set Hamburg on fire over the weekend, but here at home, leftism itself is in flames. Michael "Grassy" Knowles joins us to talk about the fight for Baby Gard.

Ep. 342 - Are There Two Trumps?

Trump wins wide praise for his Warsaw speech, but the media's feud with him continues. Now on to meet with Putin. This episode is brought to you by:! Go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in KLAVAN. Nature Box! 50% off 1st order when you go to

Ep. 341 - Trump Gets a Hero's Welcome

As CNN continues to beclown itself, Trump delivers a powerful speech in Poland. Michael Knowles joins us to talk about what Texas gets right. This episode is brought to you by: Indochino! Get ANY Premium Indochino Suit for just $379 when you go to and enter promo code KLAVAN.

Ep. 340 - Seinfeld News: All About Nothing

While Americans shot off fireworks, and the Norks shot off a missile, the media shot off its collective mouth about itself. Plus the mailbag! This episode is brought to you by:! Go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in KLAVAN.

Ep. 339 - The Future of Trump and the Death of News

Press credibility lies in ashes and the future of Trumpism is in play. What next? Plus a bit more talk about our old friend Mr. God. This episode is brought to you by: Five Four Club! Go to and enter promo code KLAVAN – and they’ll give you 50% off your first month’s package plus a free pair of sunglasses.

Ep. 338 - The Left Defends Its Right to Lie

Leftwing news outlets throw a series of tantrums defending their right to deliver fake news. Plus the Mailbag — Whoo-hoo! — all your troubles are over!

Ep. 337 - The Shame of CNN!

Sinking under the weight of their own fake news, CNN becomes the symbol of everything wrong with our news media. Plus July 4th Stuff I Like

Ep. 336 - Are We Winning or Losing?

Democrats can't win an election, and yet conservatives feel Republicans can't win a fight. Plus King of Trolls Michael Knowles returns.   SkillShare - 1 month of FREE access at SKILLSHARE.COM/ANDREW