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Latest Episode

Ep. 385 - The Jimmy Kimmel Party

Emotionalism, ignorance and threats of violence - Kimmel is the left in a nutshell. Plus Dr. Helen Smith joins us to discuss whether there's a sexual crisis. And Stuff I Like: how great directors start with crime.

Ep. 384 - TV to GOP: We Hate You!

Whether it's the news or late night 'comedy,' your TV screens are delivering fear and loathing to all things Republican. Plus the Mailbag and some Tickety-Boo Noos.

Ep. 383 - The Resistance Is Failing

Trump's powerful U.N. performance and his dealings with Democrats have left his enemies in the dust. Plus Professor Edward Feser talks about God and philosophy. And - killer sexbots!

Ep. 381 - Amnesty Don???

After a DACA dinner with Chuck and Nancy, charges fly — but what's good for the country? Kurt Schlichter joins us to discuss the latest. Also Shapiro goes to Berkeley. And Confederate Stuff I Like.

Ep. 380 - Is Trump Betraying his Base?

Deals with Democrats, leniency toward immigrants, Clinton still unjailed - has Trump let his people down? Plus the Mailbag. And an amazing change among millennials.

Ep. 379 - Drinking Clinton's Tears

Get your leftist tears mugs ready for Hillary's book tour. My totally sexist take. Plus the truth about campus rape. And Paul Beston joins me to discuss a time when American men were heavyweight champions.

Ep. 378 - Freedom's Greatest Enemy

On the anniversary of a mass murder in the name of Islam, what is the greatest threat to freedom? Plus Steve Bannon speaks out. And Troll King Michael Knowles on just how much Hollywood stars hate you! It's a lot!

Ep. 377 - Trump Goes Left

Months ago, I told you that if O'Care reform failed, Trump would deal with Democrats. Today, I'll tell you what'll happen next. Plus Victor Davis Hanson joins us to discuss history and today.

Ep. 375 - Cleaning up After Hurricane Obama

The president heads into the new political season trying to clean up after a national disaster: the Obama Administration! Plus Sexual Follies: is cheap sex killing marriage?

Ep. 374 - Is Harvey a Turning Point?

As summer ends with tragedy and heroism, can we look to an autumn of new beginnings? John "the Noltenator" Nolte joins us to discuss his return to Breitbart.
People make their way out of a flooded neighborhood after it was inundated with rain water following Hurricane Harvey on August 29, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

Ep. 373 - Hurricane of Lies

The media's slavering Trump hatred turns Hurricane Harvey coverage into yet another disgrace for the MSM. Plus the Mailbag - whoo-hoo!

Ep. 371 - Is MAGA Over?

There's a divide in the Trump administration, a divide in the GOP and a divide in the country — how to choose sides. Plus Michael Knowles talks about the violence in Berkeley.