LOL: Idiotic Feminist Case Against Fireworks Gets SMACKED DOWN By 'Mansplainer'

Ugh. Feminists are the worst. And apparently never take a day off.

On Monday, while most Americans were barbequing and enjoying our great nation, NPR reporter Sarah McCammon took the time to criticize the fantastically American annual tradition of setting off fireworks to commemorate our independence from Britain every Fourth of July.

"Isn’t it sort of messed up that we celebrate our freedom by pretending to blow things up? Like a strange, collective working out of trauma," wrote McCammon on Twitter.

"Isn’t it sort of messed up that we celebrate our freedom by pretending to blow things up? Like a strange, collective working out of trauma."

NPR's Sarah McCammon

Let me translate from Feminist to English: Fireworks are a classical symptom of "toxic masculinity," that annoying buzzword that feminists consistently consume and spit out at men in order to shame them into full submission, or Pajama Boys. Further, America is mean and dangerously hyper-masculine because we celebrate fighting for good and freedom by "pretending to blow things up."

To the horror of feminists everywhere, an unapologetically masculine man entered to set the feminist straight: "Fireworks symbolize the warfare that gained and keeps our freedom. Embrace America's proud history of killing bad people," responded conservative columnist and military veteran Kurt Schlichter.

Of course, McCammon tried to silence dissent by accusing Schlichter of "mansplaining."

Here's another Feminist to English translation for you: Shut up, Schlichter. I have a uterus and you don't, thus you're not allowed to critique the idiotic garbage that falls out of my mouth. 

But Schlichter didn’t tuck-tail and run; he didn’t shut up and turn into a Pajama Boy. Instead, he stood by his response and told McCammon that she "desperately" needed to be corrected. 

The audacity of this guy! 

But feminists are fragile. McCammon, reveling in the victimhood ideology of feminism, castigated the dissent as an "attack." 

"Today's Lesson: penalty for suggesting #fireworks might not be 100 % awesome is torrent of attacks from guys who LOVE TO BLOW STUFF UP," she wrote. 

It's always lovely to see a feminist, whose paycheck is subsidized by taxpayer dollars, condemn a military veteran for "mansplaining" and "attacking" her on Independence Day.



H/T Twitchy 

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