Watch Hillary Staffer's TRAGIC Attempt at Getting Supporters Enthused

In a video that demonstrates the "enthusiasm gap" better than any poll could, a Hillary Clinton staffer attempts to get a rather small crowd of Hillary supporters enthused about their candidate. The results are tragic. 

"I believe that she will win! I believe that she will win!" chants the staffer, standing on the bottom row of the stands in a gym at Rollins College. Only a handful of attendees actually echo her; most stand around looking disinterested with their arms folded or staring at their cell phones.

One guy, chatting with his friend, is openly wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt. 

When she gets to the next chant, things get even more ironic. 

"When I say Hillary, you say fire!" she yells. "Hillary - Fire! Hillary - Fire!"

After hardly anyone participates, she moves into the "Hillary - champion!" chant, which lacks as much "fire" as the previous attempt.

The strongest response comes when she wraps up, about half the crowd clapping.

The enthusiasm gap has been a major worry for many Democratic insiders. While Trump continues to pack large venues with rabid fans, Clinton can't manage to fill college gyms. Republicans have set records for primary turnout by a wide margin overall, while Democratic participation has shrunk significantly since 2008.

Flashback: Here's another viral glimpse at a Hillary rally from early February, where some of her less than charged up "supporters" were wearing "Settle for Hillary" shirts:



Video via The Mirror

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