Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported earlier this week that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials has three people in its crosshairs.

Carlson revealed that a source who spoke to Fox News said that media reports that the investigation is centered around only Paul Manafort are not true:

The man, whose name we can’t reveal for the time being, is a former senior employee of the Podesta Group. He said he was motivated to contact us by the disgust he felt watching media coverage of the Russia story. Not only were most reporters getting it wrong he said, they were getting it backward. The Russians were in fact deeply involved in American politics, but the real story had almost nothing to do with the 2016 presidential campaign.

The source told Fox News that Manafort is at the core of the investigation — but only partly because of his connection to the Trump campaign. Instead, Manafort is under investigation because of his years working on behalf of Russian governent interests, on occasion with members of the Podesta Group, headed by John Podesta's brother, Tony.


Late on Friday, a federal grand jury approved charges in the investigation although it is not clear what the charges are or who they are against.

In a separate report, also late on Friday, it was revealed that Manafort’s realtor — who helped him purchase the condo the FBI raided — testified last week before the jury.