A TV star dubbed the “Human Ken Doll” is about to undergo his 59th surgery in order to be seen as a woman. Rodrigo Alves, 34, has spent roughly $25,000 just to feminize his hairline so he can resemble a Barbie doll.

The Sun reports that Alves, who lives in London, has shelled out over half a million dollars for nose jobs, silicone chest implants, eight-pack abs, and more. He insists he’s taking his time to make the metamorphosis, rather than transform "everything at once like Caitlyn Jenner.”

Alves added:

I have hair loss from all the medication and surgeries I have had, also I'm 34-years-old so not young anymore, also as a man we start producing hormones that trigger hair loss. I will be having 3,000 single hairs implanted over six hours follicle-by-follicle from the sides of my head into my hairline and then stem cells injected too. After six months the results should be drastic, it will help to bring my hairline lower and make it fuller. I am happy looking how I am for the moment but I don't want to age looking as a plastic modified man, I want the best of both worlds.

Alves will appear in the Plastics of Hollywood, which revolves around real life cartoons, dolls and surgery addicts as they work for a talent agency. They include a Kim Kardashian wannabe and a Jessica Rabbit imitator.

Dr. John Kahen of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration boasted of his surgery on Alves:

I have developed this specific procedure SMARTPRP — where I used over seven billion platelets and stem cells, which is unmatched by any other technology. It's tailored to people's hairline specifically, everyone has a different facial symmetry and degree of baldness.

Video of the Human Ken Doll below: