John Banzhaf, a leftwing activist and law professor at George Washington University Law School, wants the United States Congress to look at regulating the sexbot industry, specifically the fact that sexbots can be set in a mode where they resist sex and can therefore be raped. According to Banzhaf, these sexbots are not only already in use but some are designed to look like children.

Via the College Fix.

“The obvious first step would be to have hearings and do studies to determine just how serious the threat is, whether there are any real benefits to having sexbots programmed to simulate being raped, and then what if any new laws, regulations, etc. might be appropriate,” he said. ...

He said in a recent news release that the consequences of permitting the sale, distribution and use of sexbots to “perverts” and convicted or potential rapists should be reviewed.

“So, as science fiction of the type depicted in HBO’s Westworld is rapidly becoming reality, these are just some of the legal concerns regarding the brave new world of robot sex, where the law may well have to play catch up, just as it did with artificial insemination, host mothers, drones, and other developments,” he wrote.

Putting aside for a moment the complex and utterly depraved dark corner of human sexuality, in the United States of America a man should have the right, in the privacy of his own home, to rape whatever inanimate object he so desires, be it a toaster or a sexbot that looks like Shirley Temple.

If we are going to outlaw behavior that promotes dangerous behavior, including unwanted sexual advances, rape and traffic accidents, let's start with alcohol.

Should we again outlaw sodomy due to the diseases it spreads?

Should we outlaw loveless sex and random hook ups to stop the spread of STDs?

Due to the tragedy of the unwed mother birthrate and all the documented social ills that come with it, should we outlaw sex outside of marriage?

Should we outlaw driving a car, an act that reliably kills thousands annually?

If we make it illegal to produce a sexbot child, do we make it illegal to produce child porn using CGI? Where does it end then? We artificially reproduce all kinds of crimes — murder, violence, rape, burglary — on film and in video games — do we outlaw that?

Over at Instapundit, Stephen Green sarcastically makes a great point: "We should probably outlaw similar role-playing between consenting adults, too, just to be safe."

Exactly. If Congress should outlaw raping a sexbot, why not consenting adults role-playing the exact same thing? Why not "barely legal" porn movies where unspeakable things are done to willing young women?

Freedom is not free. It comes with a price. Oftentimes a terrible price. Something Americans understand, or at least are supposed to understand, is that the awful and costly side effects that come with protecting individual liberty are preferable to the consequences of government control.

The increasingly illiberal left no longer sees it this way. Obamacare is an excellent example. As a free people, we do pay a price when individuals refuse to buy health insurance. Without everyone in the pool, this refusal increases the cost of our insurance, and when those without insurance do need major medical care they usually cannot pay for it. So the provider writes off the loss but makes up for it by raising prices on those of us who do pay. No, that is not fair. Nevertheless, those of us who believe in freedom prefer that cost over the fascistic idea that our government can force us to buy health insurance

Obesity increases all of our health care costs. Should the government outlaw overeating?

Alcohol use increases car insurance costs. Should we return to Prohibition?

Anyone who rapes a sexbot, child or otherwise, is sick and twisted, is beyond human comprehension, is beyond my ability to articulate it. But as long as you are not abusing another living thing, animal or human, you have the right in this country to rape whatever is yours.

It is a sick world, folks... A sick, sick, sick, sick world.

But I'll take that sick world over a Brave New World every day of the week.

The answer to all of this is God, not an overbearing State.

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